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Monday, December 14, 2009

Busy Birthday/ Christmas tree weekend

Last Friday we realized we forgot to reschedule Samuel's party.

So we did it this past Saturday,because it was the only time available before we go to China.

And he had his 3 very best buds come over and play...


Who is going to shoot first?

John actually took them to the woods, and they played for hours. In the 30 degree weather. And they loved it.

And then they came home sweaty and did fireworks. Because what boy's party is complete without fireworks?...

...and pizza & cake??

Then after church on Sunday, we went to get our tree. It was POURING rain. P-O-U-R-I-N-G. And it was about 34 degrees. Just warm enough for it not to be snow, but cold enough for the cold to go right through your bones.

And once again, it was the only day we had left to do this mission.

Lance and Heather.

John & Samuel leading the way. It really was miserable, but somehow, one can't be THAT miserable looking for a tree.

Walking through the mud, looking for the perfect tree.

Found it after about 40 minutes, cut it,

and loaded it.

Walking back.

Hot chocolate to warm up the bones...courtesy of Rosemont Farms. :) We have been going there for the last 17 years, at least.

Preparing the tree to stand just right. We missed Chloe for this part. She always did it with him. He was cranky. I think he missed her.

There it is.( Is it me, or is it still slightly slanted?)

Decorating. Reilly in the middle of everything all the time.

Heather help decorate, too. And here it is all finished. I won't talk about the lights.. It is quite a story to tell.

Our family Christmas 2009. If/when my mom sees this picture, she will lecture me that I need makeup. I love her. :)
And PS, John is much taller than Hoops. But in this picture, the illusion begs to differ. :)

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Gena said...

What a wonderful family tradition you have! And, the fact that you still did it, in really awful weather, is incredible to me. I love you for that!

If I don't get around to visiting here before Christmas, I hope yours is the best ever. You are in my thoughts and prayers. I know this journey you are on will be the most amazing thing ever. I cannot WAIT to see that baby in your arms. Hugs and love to you from me