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Tuesday, September 29, 2009

There She Stands

Liberty means responsibility. That is why most men dread it. ~ George Bernard Shaw

I find this to be true, and it is a shame that we are walking further and further away from our responsibility.

On our way to see her.

Gosh I've been here more times then I can remember, but she is still beautiful everytime. You think it becomes ordinary, until you see her and your heart just jumps at the sight of her; at the knowledge of her meaning.

What is coming out of her nose??? When we took our older kids, it never occurred to them to do this.

She is magnificent.

Joe & Samuel were causing so much trouble, we threw them off the railing.

I jest of course. They were on the outdoors stairs.

This was their favorite part of the whole day. When you ask them what they remember, this is it.

Ellis Island

These 2 have no concept of walking.

The Great Hall. This is where the immigrants got processed. This is where they changed your name if they couldn't say it or spell it. This is the way to freedom. That is, of course, after you passed the 6 second physical.

Chasing seaguls.

Look at all the cool garbage I found!!!

Ellis Island on a small scale. When it was only 2 sections. The second section was built on trash.

The monument from one side...

Then the other.

Since there were no trees to climb....

Every year or so, we go see her...and remember.

Saturday, September 26, 2009

Sarcastics Annonymous

Yesterday, my friend and I were talking while our children were in their Latin class. At one point, I tuned into our conversation. It was so...normal, and....sarcastic.

I was so frustrated with myself, I think I am done being sarcastic. I am learning to laugh at myself over this, but I wish I could just get rid of it forever. But you see, I can't.

I grew up in Jersey. I live in Jersey.

We don't know how to speak anything but sarcasm. We get ourselves in trouble, specially if we meet Southerners. If I meet a Southerner, I will make it a point not to talk. At least for a minute or two. LOL

Eventually they realize we are not mean. And really we are not. We are just from Jersey.

Oh how I wanted to move from here before my children learned how to talk, how to drive.

Alas, it didn't work out as well as I had hoped. Chloe is in VA, and yesterday, I was talking to her while she was driving, and I could hear her talking to the other drivers and their inability to drive. I use the word *talking* loosely. Then this morning she asked me what time it was. Which is odd, she is usually good at gauging time. She then told me because time STANDS STILL out there. She is a lovely child. She really is. But she also, is from Jersey.

Everything has to be done yesterday because we don't have time today. The New York Minute is a real thing. It is about 3 seconds worth.

We Jerseyans are stuck between NYC and Philly. ( Have you ever met a Philly fan of anything?? Yeah, now you get it.)

I am in a continuos state of being of trying to get better about this.

My goal is to change people's minds about Jerseyans. Even if I have to do it single-handedly.

And I think I AM getting better.

That is until I hear my sarcasm coming out of my 10 year old's mouth, as normal as breathing.

Friday, September 25, 2009


We went to a concert tonight.

No it was not these guys. I WISH!! Though they were a mere 45 minutes away at the Meadowlands tonight, the thought of possibly getting a ticket is laughable.

So instead, we went here. One of my favorite places. Ever.

We heard the Brahm's violon Concerto, and Schoenberg's Pelléas and Mélisande. Sometimes something is just so beautiful, you feel like crying, but instead you just thank GOD for such beauty.

I can't wait to take Samuel to his first concert here. He was disapponted he didn't get to go.

Soon, my son. It's worth the wait.

Wednesday, September 23, 2009

Monday, September 21, 2009

Rufus Reilly is home. :)


Someone called the number on the flyer that they saw a dog that looked like him behind the BJs parking lot!!! John & Samuel ran out the door. I was too depressed to try again.

He was there and he was freaking out. After almost 5 days of surviving, I can understand that. He was hesitant at first, then he recognized them and came running.

Thank you Jesus.

It is good to have him back.

Reilly, please come home.

I thought I would let you see our enormous puppy.

Reilly about a week after he came home. He has been doing school work with Samuel since.

John looked under the table and decided Reilly was a great pillow. Reilly didn't even move. He just lets you...

Trying to give Shelby kisses. Shelby doesn't look thrilled.

On his way to the dog park. He loves/loved the dog park!

The 2 of them slept together all the time. Daisy is looking miserable these days.

Oh and Ps Check out this blog, Life..., it's neat. :)

Friday, September 18, 2009


Reilly ran away.

Reilly ran away with Daisy yesterday morning. Probably to try to get her back. Even though beagles are notorious for running away, he was such a home body/momma's boy, his idea of running away was maybe going as far as the neighbor's neighbor to smell new things, and then run back. Daisy will run to Wyoming if she could get away with it.

He is such a sweet puppy. He is the one who sleeps with Samuel on his bed, the one who jumps and greets you when you walk in the door and can't wait to see you again when you leave, the one who will put his face on your lap, because he knows you are feeling down. The one who the children adore because he is so love-able.

The others 2 dogs are not so affectionate. Not that we don't love them, but Reilly is Reilly.

Samuel is about to cry himself to sleep again. We are praying for our sweet dog to come home. Daisy was found 2 towns over, totally lost and shaking. We are praying for the miracle phone call to go pick him up.

All the phone calls to all the necessary people have been made, the flyers are ALL OVER, we have been up and down the streets, streams, parking lots, wherever we could think of.

Please pray he comes home

Reilly-boy, please come home.

Wednesday, September 16, 2009

Monday, September 14, 2009


Thursday morning, after stopping at the bagel place to pick up a dozen bagels for Chloe, ( I am always shocked at what the rest of the country considers bagels) we left for VA Beach.

*click to enlarge*

Noah, Josiah's brother came with us. Noah gave Samuel a Warhead for the first time. It was fascinating to watch him suck on it. Words escape me.

Since Chloe had to work and Josiah had school on Friday, we went over to Wlliamsburg. It was soooo cool!!!!


Samuel watching Benedict Arnold ride into town. He gave an interesting speech.

Fife & Drum. They were all high school age kids. And they were awesome.

I thought the oxen were fake, but they were not!! They just don't move until you make them! What is that by Noah's feet????

They did this willingly!!


The only Episcopal Church still doing services since 1715.

And the boys got to ring the noon bell to call the people to prayer!!

If there is a gun, he will find it. I think he has an internal radar. lol

We went to WalMart, and they didn't just have WalMart, they also had A WHOLE SUPERMARKET INSIDE!!! I know!! COOL!!! I had to take a picture.

We celebrated Chloe's birthday. :) She turned 21 two weeks ago, but she wanted to wait to open presents and do her cake until we got there. They really are a precious pair.

Josiah was not all too thrilled about this present. He is a Giants fan, and she asked for a football jersey. She is a Patriots fan. Big time. ( note Josiah's new easy-maintanance-law-school-haircut. Quite a switch from the wedding)

Sitting on the front porch with a buddy, smoking a corncob pipe. It is the south after all...

The hammock they got on their honeymoon in Mexico. Josiah hung it up on the front porch.

It was lovely to see them, and how happy they are together. It makes this momma's heart happy. :)

Wednesday, September 9, 2009

Give Away!!!

SO, if you go and pop in Kathy's blog, you will see that she is giving away the ADORABLE set of measuring cups!!!!

Yes, she is giving them away, and if you are reading this, you should run over there and try to win them.

I know this lessens my chances, but they sure are pretty and everyone should get a chance.

So why are you still here??!!??

Wordless Wednesday!!!!!!!

Tuesday, September 8, 2009


Kate called at 1:47 this afternoon, and she was bursting at the seams. Which can only mean one thing.

WE GOT OUR L-O-C!!!!!!

Yes, Elly is on her way!

Our website was made before Chloe's wedding, but I decided not to post it until we received our LOC.

Meet our other baby girl.

At this point, it looks like we will be in China in the early middle of November. Hopefully be back by Thanksgiving. Maybe we will be a bit off and cooky,but hopefully we will be back, and I can't wait!!!

Oh if you are the praying type, please pray for everything to go smoothly. For her picture to come into our arms as soon as possible.It has been a L-O-N-G wait, and these next 2 months will be the longest. It one of those hurry up and wait. The *last* of the paper work that should have gotten there last week, and then the waiting.


Saturday, September 5, 2009

One More Time

I'm not much of a beach person. My family is. So when my friend called me and asked me if I wanted to go to the beach the next day, my head was saying NO, but my mouth opened up and said yes.

And so Samuel and Joe were warned not to go in too deep because the riptides were awful, and the day before a young man disappeared. ( I'm still trying to figure out why we were there.)

Here is the " Hi mom, I know the waves almost drowned me, and it was worth it, but just letting you know I am okay," wave.

Future lifeguards? Oh my word, I hope not. lol.

Just good friends.

All of Samuel's friends have seen the Patriot movie. Supervised. You know, "CLOSE YOUR EYES!" you can't see that part. He has been begging for a long time. Here is a new spin to it. The hat, the movie, the Declaration of Independence, the Eagles jersey ( Philadelphia), the crossing of the finger and feet, and yes if you look closely, his toes. My word, he is persistent and creative.