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Wednesday, September 28, 2011

I will dance with Cinderelli.

Elena asked her daddy to dance with her tonight.  He was tired, so he told her just one song.  

She took it.

Then the song was over and she came to me and started talking about everything.  Her favorite pass time.  John went to go lie down on our bed.

iTunes was still on, and Cinderella came on.  

Yes, the self same song he danced with his other baby girl on her wedding. 

No one thought anything of it, until John came out, and said, "Okay Elly-bug, one more song."

He didn't have to say it twice.

And so he danced with his Cinderella.  Because, just like his other baby girl, she will one day be gone, too.  

We will blink soon.

Someone grab a tissue for me.

Monday, September 19, 2011

Oh the Joys...

As you know, we homeschool.

( Notice the vacuum in the background.)

It is a blessing.

And hard.

As well as HILARIOUS.

I have always told Samuel that when he doesn't know a word in his vocabulary, to see if he can remember the latin or greek roots of the word, or if it has a prefix or suffix, maybe you can figure ot out.

Well, as I was making dinner, I heard this convesation he was having with himself.

(He may or may not have gotten talking to himself from me.)

" Melancholy.  Well a melon is a fruit, and a collie is a dog.  So...maybe it is a fruit dog?  Which has got to be better then a fruit cake."

" Wait, there is no fruit-dog option to pick.   MOM!"

" Look it up yourself, son," I said as I try decide whether to laugh or cry.

Because, really... is there such a thing as a fruit-dog??!!??!!


You just can't teach common sense.  :P

Thursday, September 15, 2011



What is the Love of My Life doing, you ask?

Why is he duct taping our front door?  

At 1 in the morning?

Shouldn't he be sleeping?  Why do that to our front door?

It is not really attractive.

It is an in-the-mean-time situation.

You see...

Somebody tripped.  

We ran to the emergency room.


The cuts were nasty and...can I say...gross.

And there were 26 stitches involved.

3 internal.

I am so very thankful it was not his face.

And I realized that I am certainly not called to be a doctor, nurse, or even a hospital orderly.

As I was with my son, in between trying not to cry seeing him like that, and being held by my Love,  I also tried not to gag.

And now excuse me while I go pass out.

It has been a long day.

But GOD is good.

All the time.


And why is this blog post titled 82 you ask??

He is now up to 82 stitches.  And he is not yet a teen.

Tuesday, September 13, 2011

And then when I finished, there were a million other things to do.

Yes, welcome to my world.

School is in full swing.

Life is good.

We went to our son's work on Friday night.  He is an urban missionary.  He works with those people who's goal is to become the 'less fortunate'.  They are the desparate, forgotten, lonely, lost beyond reason.

We are proud of him.   It keeps my prayer life alive and active.  I can't even begin to tell you how I panic slightly when he calls to tell me yet another story of how he almost lost his life. Again.

And yet, he loves it.

Well, this was Elena's first time in 'helping' in this ministry.  We, as these children's parents, have always tried to take the kids into ministry opportunities at a young age.  I think the first time Chloe went to feed the homeless in NYC, she was 8 months.  They are used to it, they are not afraid of the people, they see them as GOD's children, and they have seen GOD show up in the mist, in powerful and amazing ways.

Here she is in the middle of the children's Bible study lesson, one of the kids, coloring right along with everybody else.

And speaking of talent.  She has appointed herself as artist and decorator.  She makes the art pieces and then proceeds to tape them on the walls for us.


We went to the eye doctor again.  

She has to wear a patch when she watches movies/tv.  Thankfully, we don't watch much.  Specially now that school started.

But mercy...

We DO watch football!!!

And we LOVE it.  Granted the first week was a MAJOR disappointed for my team,  but what kind of fan would I be if I just told them off and left them high and dry??  

FINE, I did gripe and umph.  Still, there is next week!!

She is ready for some football!

And WOO-HOO they scored a touchdown. 


That's it. 

One measle touchdown.  We lost.  The other team scored more then one.  They scored many.  They intercepted.  They ran, they threw, the caught,  they celebrated. They were super happy.

And so was he.  :P  ugh.


I found out that he Maccabeats are in town!!  I am not sure if we can go since I just found about an HOUR ago, but Samuel would enjoy it if we can get tickets. 

Anyway, back to my finished list of things to do, which miraclulously multiplied while I sat here. 

Wednesday, September 7, 2011


We have trials.

As a people of berathing abilities, it happens to us.


I am getting nervous about our newest daughter coming soon.

I know it is going to be hard.  It took Elena 2+ months, to sit down at a meal and not SCREAM like someone was murdering her for 1/2 hour before she stopped and ate.

It happened at every meal.


Now she eats everything.

And she cried, grieving.

And was the most compliant child, to the point of being annoying, because we wanted her to feel at home and be able to have a mind and choice of her own.

We got what we asked for.  :P  lol.  <3

This is going to be interesting.  Sisters, a year apart, from different countries, with different skin color, hair, likes, comforts, tempers, one knew her birth mother, one never met her.

And the prayer of my heart is that they bond, and become not just sisters, but best friends.

It will be a hard.

But it will be good.

And most things good, require hard work...

and trials.

Monday, September 5, 2011


Our first almost week of school is over!! WOO-HOO!!

I am excited about this year.  We aren't doing a co-op, and that is going to have to be okay.  Well, he is in some homeschool activities, but not a full day of no-schooling-to-do-a co-op.

He is in 7th grade.  We couldn't give up the time.

But he is still playing the piano, still playing the violin.  Still involved in some academic classes.  Still climbing life.

And speaking of...

Guess what hapened at the play ground.

How thankful am I that this son of mine has never broken a bone??


Okay, fine he has had more stitches then I care to admit.  I lost count after 56.

Anyway, he has a grade 2 sprain in his knee.  The doctor said absolutely NO pressure on his knee.  At all.  Ever. 

Does she KNOW HIM??!!??!?

Well, here he is...NOT resting.

In fact, he is super excited to have machine guns at easy access at all times.

Words shouldn't escape me.  But they do.

How was your week?

Friday, September 2, 2011

On the first day of school

We started school this week.

I love school.

Granted I do not like dealing with Latin, and Algebra 1/2.  

I still like it.

Specially the first day.

Look at my 'dreamsicle' kindergartener.  She is jumping out of her skin to read.  And she was frustrated with me that at the end of the first day, that she couldn't read her books by her self.

She a bit of an over achiever.

Her pink sparkle Vans.  

Look out world, here she comes, and she will read you to death.

Then, there is the 7th grader.

The one who thinks he should be able to teach me more then I could possibly teach him.  Because he is almost 13.  And who has more wisdom then an almost 13 year old??!!??!  Sheesh, mom.

Pray for me.

And his filthy, gross, old, smelly Vans. When we went to get his new pair this week, he compared them to a brand spanking new pair.  All I could say was..."ew."

And of course, the best thing about school starting is...

FOOTBALL SEASON starts at the same time!!!  

<3  <3  <3

Life is good.  And GOD is great.