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Thursday, September 30, 2010

Lost Files

We went to VA Beach this past weekend.  Again. lol.  John expressed to me that he really hopes that she will move closer when the grandkids come, because he thinks I will be making that trip all the time and it is a L-O-N-G trip.  But that wouldn't stop me when a grandbaby is in the picture.

Here are sisters making home made waffles.

We found a carousel!!! Elly loved it!!!  

And Samuel made the ride yet another chance to jump on a horse and try to catch the bad guys.

Sisters eating at the beach.  In my eyes, the look like twins, too. lol.   :D

Years ago, when Cinderella came out on DVD, Chloe asked for it for her birthday or Christmas, I forget which one.  Of course her daddy gave it to her.  The girls watch it at Chloe's and Elly fell in love.

Even if she calls her Umberella.

Chloe let Elly borrow it, and Elly held it for the 9 hours on the trip home.  Even when she fell asleep.  

Now, we are trying not to be too busy for life.  It hasn't worked out yet.

And our new daughter?  Still working on it...  Elly and I pray for her all the time.  Praying that she gets here super soon.

God has been teaching me lessons that I do not want to learn.  I feel like Tevye from Fiddler on the Roof sometimes, when he says, GOD I know You are doing this because love me, but do you have to love me THAT much?  LOL.  I am glad HE loves me and is trying to refine me, but it is exhausting and painful. 

Lord give me the strength to continue on your path.

And the greatest news of all this week??!!??


:D   :D   :D

Friday, September 24, 2010

Train Up A Child...

This morning when my daughter came into my room to wake me up, ( yes, early mornings belong to her & her morning-person daddy) she greeted me with a " Good morning momma.  Read your Bible." And then she sat next to me and waited, holding her stuffed monkey.   Yes she sat quietly for over 20 minutes. After I finished, she wanted to pray with me.

See, she knows that's what you do.  Before anything else, wake up to HIS Word.  Prepare your day by making time with your King.

When she first came, we decided John would get her when she woke up because really, he was the one who was already up at 6am.  All cheerful and ready to go.  :P  Give me a half hour more honey.

When they came to wake me up, she was ready for breakfast and life.  It took a few days for her to understand she needed to wait for the First Thing.

One day soon, when she learns to read by her self, this will become her reality.

Because it is what you do.

SO, after morning reading & prayer, she held up her monkey and we had this conversation:

Elly: Momma, who got me Lilly monkey?

Me : I got it for you, Baby.

Elly:  Did you get it at Target??

Me: No baby, I got it at Lilly.

Elly:  You did a good job. momma.  ( with her little thumb to show her true approval.)

So see, she is learning to love GOD's Word, she knows Target is the place to go for anything, and when you need to splurge a little, Lilly is your guilty pleasure.

Okay, the last one needs some changing, the second is semi-true, but the first is Rock Solid.

Tuesday, September 21, 2010

I Survived.


This is Chloe & me at the Rocky statue.

Have I ever told you I *heart* Rocky?  Very much.

And even though I was still flu-ish sick and miserable and was hoping to fool my body into thinking this may be a good idea, but it didn't go for it, I was so very happy to have this picture taken.

My daughter and I before the race.

I didn't finish.  

In fact, as I was on the starting line up, I was exhausted and thirsty and wonder WHY AM I DOING THIS??!!?

But off I went.  I told John to meet me at the 6 mile marker because I thought if I did 6 miles, I would be happy.  That was going to be my personal goal.

He forgot, and 'they' took the markers down.

I did 9.

Totally by default.

And my ankle thought I was being stupid and decided to tell me about it.  And it was loud & clear.

Anyway, I survived.  

And Chloe did great!! She finished and when she was done, she looked great!!

I was very proud of her.  As was John & Josiah.

And now I am starting to feel okay.  A day late and a dollar short.

Friday, September 17, 2010

::::sigh:::: Not good.

Remember this???

We did it!

It was great!

It was thrilling.

And because of that, I signed up for ANOTHER 1/2 marathon.

Like a fool.

Tomorrow is the day for 1/2 marathon #2.  And can I say I really don't think I will finish.

And not because I don't 'believe in myself.'

But more because my tendon in my ankle is not doing well, still. And my knees have been giving me alot of trouble.  And this morning I woke up with a NASTY cold.  The kind of cold that makes your head feel like it gained 100 lbs. overnight, and your joints hurt, and feel tired as all get out, and you can't breathe, or swallow, or even stand for too long.

I think I will go for 5 miles.  Maybe 6.  Or however long I last, but I am okay with not finishing.  I am okay with trying.  For tomorrow.  I just got home from Target.  I bought a whole lot of medication to fool my body into thinking it is fine.  They had to approve my purchases.  I bought ALOT of medicine.

And if nothing else, I get to see my other baby girl.  And that is always worth making the effort.  I am sure she will do wonderful.

But as for me, if I fall out of the car when John drops us off, someone help me to the starting line.

Tuesday, September 14, 2010

Sometimes I forget what

true religion...

really is.

Until someone reminds me.

And then I have no excuse

for the choices I make.

Sunday, September 12, 2010

Welcome to the Chinese Mom Club

What did we do yesterday?

Let's go baby girl.

You have been waiting for this day for some time.

 Your very first dance class!!

Considering that you could barely walk when we first got you, this is a monumental moment.

And you look beautiful with your butterfly wings!!

Notice something unusual with this picture??

Maybe you missed it.

Elly's 3 -4 year olds dance class is an ALL CHINESE GIRLS CLASS!!

Not intentional.  When I got there, the class before her's had, you know, 11 girls and I didn't notice anything unusual about it.  Your average range of girls.  The class next to it...same thing.

It just so happens that this 3 -4 year old class happens to be Chinese.  And there is another girl joining them next week, that missed it this week because...that's right...she was on her way home from spending the summer with her grandparents.  IN CHINA.

It is comical.  I am the only hispanic mom.  And can I say, I was a bit nervous at first when I noticed the phenomenom.  How will they treat me?  What do they think?  Do they resent me?  Do they realize I am her mother and not the care taker?

Well, as it turns out, I have become part of the Chinese Dance Mom's Club!!  They totally accepted me and welcomed me in!!  What lovely ladies ( and grandfathers and aunts.  I am thinking they are part hispanic, bringing the whole family along for their 3 year old's dance class)  

OH!  and PS.

Elly was the best dancer there!!  And before you become impressed or think I am slightly biased, the only reason was that...

She was the only one who understood English, as the other little girls are spoken to in Chinese at home, and had a hard time understanding directions.  


Wednesday, September 8, 2010

Middle school!! Preschool & signing!!

He is a bit excited to start 6th grade.  Not necessarily school work, just being a cool middle school kid.

She needed a picture too.  We are doing Before Five in a Row, but I also found this at Costco.  :)

And today, we signed the paper work for our daughter!!  Yes those are blue prints he was working on.  lol.

The paper work says she is going to be 2 in Dec.,  but by the looks of her picture, she will probably be 3 instead.  When I mentioned this to John and asked him if he was okay with that, he said " Of course!!  Now I have the Irish twins I always wanted!!  

Tuesday, September 7, 2010

This weekend I...

I will show & tell you what this weekend entailed!

And join us with the fun over at Becky's!

Keys to the Cottage

This weekend I...

Got our own Jersey girl...

ready to go into the City.

For a quick stop to the Museum.

and then off to the Central Park playground.

And on Monday, I realized this child has been hanging around her brother too long.  LOL  Look at her hand.

Family & friends out for a hike.  Elly loved her walking stick.  She didn't know what to do with it, but she loved it.

My son being ever so gentle in trying to dry off a butterfly.


~ scrubbed my floors.

~ cleaned my house.

~ ignored the laundry completely.

~ was blessed by the church GOd has allowed me to be a part of.

~ stayed up way too late every night.

Thursday, September 2, 2010


Samuel is in PA for the week spending time with my sister before school starts.

This boy has always loved my sister, even when he was about 5 months.  She could calm him down like no other.  There is a special bond with them, and it is so neat.

Of course, to add icing to the cake, Stephen, his favorite person in the whole wide world is there too.  

Life is good.

Yet, her son Wesley is here with us for the week.  

SO, here are the numbers.

Total age for the girls in this home ( Elly and myself) = 46.

Total age for the boys ( John, Lance & Wesley) = 90.


Someone send over your daughter, niece, aunt, GRANDMOTHER.

We need her.

Trust me.  The conversations around the dinner table...

Yeah, send her over.