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Monday, January 31, 2011


Here in NJ, we are a small complicated, faithfully obnoxious state.

But that is all we know, and we SHOCKED,  shocked I tell you that no one else in this nation is like us.

And to top it off, we are obnoxious to each other.

Samuel asked me today how there could be such a thing as Central Jersey.  We live in central Jersey.  And he heard on the radio, you are either north or south.  But here, we also have a central and you better believe we take that seriously.

The northern Jersey people are hicks.  They are the ones who live out there and almost act like Pennsylvanians.  Odd-country folk.  The southern Jersey people are rednecks.   Sometimes we feel like the Mason-Dixon line should pass right through here and separates us from southern Jersey.  Jersey beach people included.

(We may have to exclude Trenton & Camden.  They are in a league of their own.)

And then there is the central Jersey people.  We are the city/suburban folk.  Unfortunately we are the snobs. We are the ones who make sure people know we are neither rednecks or hicks, because either would be horrible, so we make sure to tell you we are from central Jersey.

This is from a state that can be travelled from north to south in about 3 1/2 hours; 4 if I am driving.  And east to west in about an hour and a half.  TOPS.

Welcome to New Jersey.

Do not try to fit us in a 'Jersey' mold.  We will break it.

Friday, January 28, 2011

Happy Birthday to You song

A year ago, there was this little girl in China, who didn't know it yet, but she was our daughter.

She didn't understand, but she would one day.

And on her first birthday in America, 2 weeks after she came home, she didn't get it...but she would.

And she slowly but surely became at home, in her home, as we knew she would.

And started to adjust and love her family, even the ones that live far away.

And winter turned to Spring, and she was loving being outside. And exploring what this family had to offer her little life.

And even though her love for her daddy started on Day 1, it grew and grew, and still grows today.

And on the 4th of July, I think she realized she loves being an American, specially celebrating with those fireworks!!!

And her Americanization grew to a fault.  :P

Her favorite part being the pumpkin patch; she still talks about it.

And her momma knows & has taught her what is important in life, now she loves to talk to Jesus, go to church, read her Bible, be helpful, 'eat your food', and cheer for the best team around.

Coming from southern China, she experiences new things all the time.

And 2 weeks ago, she celebrated with one of her little best friends. ( Elly is the one in the brown  :D) Counting down to...


And for the past few days, someone has been singing:

Happy birthday to you
Happy birthday to you
Happy birthday to meeeeeeeeeeee...
Happy birthday to you.

Happy Birthday dear child of my heart! 

The first thing you asked when you woke up this morning is: " Momma where is my cake?"

Saturday, January 22, 2011

I Must Be 7 Kinds of Stupid.

True story.

But if you know me, maybe you get it.

I have my quirks.  I mean...doesn't everybody?  Right??

Like the fact that I LOVE to iron.  And that I vacuum everyday.  At least once.  Or how about the fact that I can't stand it when kids call adults by their first name.  Sheesh.

But...this one...this one needs prayer.

I think.

Tomorrow, is our 26th ANNINVERSARY!!!!   To GOD be the Glory, great things HE has done!!  Our marriage and the love we have for each other is totally HIM.  Our story is just so crazy, it HAD to be HIM.

I love my husband.  He drives me nuts.  He makes me cry.  And sometimes, as my son puts it, he makes me think maybe the 'monastic life is not so bad.'  He also makes he laugh, he brings me things that makes he realized he has been thinking of me, he makes me feel loved, he cares for me and treats me like a bride.

 I love him.

Very, very much.

Do you know what else I love?  Not nearly as much as my husband, but I love it??


Do you know what tomorrow is?  THE CONFERENCE CHAMPIONSHIP GAMES!!!  On our anniversary.

Which left me saying to that dear man who puts up with me:

" Honey, please don't plan a get away that involves Sunday, and if you want to go out to dinner, make it close and make it quick."

He didn't even bat an eye.  He was not shocked or surprised.  He is not the football fan that I am, so it's not like he loves it.

But he loves me.

I mean, what other husband gets his wife her favorite team's authentic beautiful Jersey for their 20th anniversary?  No he didn't get jewelry.  Not that I would have complained, I love jewelry.  But he knew I would jump out of my seat screaming and hug him tight.  And thank him profusely.

So, Happy Anniversary, my love.  I don't deserve you.  But I am so VERY thankful God gave you to me.

Monday, January 17, 2011


All I really have to say about this weekend is right here:

Steelers WON!  By the skin of their teeth, but whatever.

And of course, my baby ready for the game:

Even though she had no idea, whenever we were cheering, she would get up and dance.  Works for me. :D

Even though my son is an Eagles fan (gag) he will cheer on my team, as long as they are not playing the Eagles.  And since the Eagles are home relaxing at this point, he was more then willing to be my son.

Okay fine.  Alot more went on this weekend then the games.

Such as the fact that we finally got beds & things for the girls bedroom.  I thought it may be a good idea that Elena gets used to her new room before Audrey comes.  This way, she won't be double shocked, with her room being changed and a new sister in it.

My sister is Martha Stewart.

Fine.  She is not, but she could be.

We went to Ikea and picked out beds and when there, I saw this room get up and fell in love.  It is so sweet and little person, and affordable, that we went for it.

We worked on it this weekend, and when I say  "we"  I mean my sister, as I was glued to the tv.  She did drag me up to the room periodically to make sure I liked what was going on.

I did.  :D

And she made these super sweet curtains.  Put the pink in them to make them girly.  And it totally works!!

And now Elly is so excited to fill up that other bed.  Before, she couldn't put the 2 together, Audrey coming and sleeping in her room.  Now she gets it.  Granted she will have some serious adjustments, but such is life when you get a new sibling.

And on another note, we heard a GREAT sermon on Sunday.  Going back to the basics of the word of GOD.    And in the midst of this weekend, I fell in love.  Again.

More on this weekend coming up...

Like our journey to the BUS.  And what happens today.  NOt the weekend, but interesting non the less..

Tune in for more...

Monday, January 10, 2011

It just means gray.

Back when I was in my early 20s, I was so noble.


I know.  I knew it all. Just ask me and I had the right answer to any question.

Then I became older, and no, not necessarily wiser, just had more experience.

I remember telling those wonderful ladies who were a bit older then myself, how I was going to grow old gracefully.  When the time came, I was not going to color my hair.  I was going to gray and love it.


Well, when those gray hairs started showing up, I was SHOCKED.   SHOCKED, I tell you.

What on earth was my black hair thinking??  Didn't it know I still have at least 10 more years before it could even THINK about turning any color??!!??  Did it not get the email I sent it years ago??!!?

It became a true shock when in reality, I thought in the back of my head, that I was going to be alike my dad.  My dad is 74 and does not have a gray hair on his head.  He has beautiful black hair as soft and great looking at his age.  Not a gray to be seen anywhere.  He flaunts it, specially to my mom.  :P

I decided I was going to be like him. Which made my previous statement easy to say.

Well, I have never colored my hair.  Not true.  I did have it highlighted for my daughter's wedding, because she wanted me to, not because of the gray.


...going gray gracefully?


This is not my head.  But it is my natural color.  

For at LEAST 10 more years.

I am nervous about starting the process.

But not nervous enough not to do it.

After all, I will be the mom to 2 toddlers; and an adolescent son.

Ok fine, I will also be a grandmother, but I don't have to be gray to be a grandmother!!!

What has surprised me the most?   I cannot believe how many people color their hair already!!  So many way younger then me.  I think that at 43, I am so very young. ( remember my dad?)

Anyway, gray does not mean wise, I have realized.  It just means gray.

Wednesday, January 5, 2011


This is it.

Today 1 year ago, we got her.

It was a crazy time in our lives.  But A-M-A-Z-I-N-G.

And now it looks like this.

Actually, more like this.

But today.

Today, we will eat chinese food, make chocolate cake ( her favorite.  she gets that from her daddy.  :D )  and thank GOD for such a blessing.  For the miracle, for what HE is doing still this moment.

Because in the end, it is ALL about HIM. 

And we pray that our children carry that truth all the days of their lives.