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Saturday, September 26, 2009

Sarcastics Annonymous

Yesterday, my friend and I were talking while our children were in their Latin class. At one point, I tuned into our conversation. It was so...normal, and....sarcastic.

I was so frustrated with myself, I think I am done being sarcastic. I am learning to laugh at myself over this, but I wish I could just get rid of it forever. But you see, I can't.

I grew up in Jersey. I live in Jersey.

We don't know how to speak anything but sarcasm. We get ourselves in trouble, specially if we meet Southerners. If I meet a Southerner, I will make it a point not to talk. At least for a minute or two. LOL

Eventually they realize we are not mean. And really we are not. We are just from Jersey.

Oh how I wanted to move from here before my children learned how to talk, how to drive.

Alas, it didn't work out as well as I had hoped. Chloe is in VA, and yesterday, I was talking to her while she was driving, and I could hear her talking to the other drivers and their inability to drive. I use the word *talking* loosely. Then this morning she asked me what time it was. Which is odd, she is usually good at gauging time. She then told me because time STANDS STILL out there. She is a lovely child. She really is. But she also, is from Jersey.

Everything has to be done yesterday because we don't have time today. The New York Minute is a real thing. It is about 3 seconds worth.

We Jerseyans are stuck between NYC and Philly. ( Have you ever met a Philly fan of anything?? Yeah, now you get it.)

I am in a continuos state of being of trying to get better about this.

My goal is to change people's minds about Jerseyans. Even if I have to do it single-handedly.

And I think I AM getting better.

That is until I hear my sarcasm coming out of my 10 year old's mouth, as normal as breathing.


Kathy C. said...

Madeleine, that's funny. Having never heard your "real" voice (just the one I've given you, LOL) - I don't think you are sarcastic at all, LOL.
Um, I'm from TX,...and I live in FL, that's pretty "southern",...are you sure you still wanna be my friend? :)

GreenPunkMama said...

It's so true about NJ while the south has their heavy accents we seem to be heavy with sarcasm here!

Funny reading this now though because my son used sarcasm for the first time today when I asked if he ate his sandwich and he replied "no, I threw it in the garbage" but he had *that* tone. Last year he barely spoke at all but now he has adopted sarcasm... I reminded him it's not really nice and can even hurt people's feelings.