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Friday, January 29, 2010

Oh My Word

So, Samuel was bugging the daylights out of Elena.

Just like a big brother.

And I don't know what got into me but I said to her" Hey Elena, Say ' Samuel do you want a knuckle sandwich?"

To which he responded, quite puzzled, " Do I want to lick a sandwich?"

Welcome to my home.


Yesterday, Elena turned 3!

She of course didn't know what that meant, even though both Samuel and I were trying to get her all excited about it.

But then the family came over for dinner, cake & presents, and then she got a clue!

OH, and before I begin, I have to mention that this has officially become a Wiggles family. lol. She LOVES them.

Watching Wiggles on the computer with brother.

PRESENTS!! It took forever because she didn't know what to do with them. My sister had dropped off a bunch during the weekend because she couldn't be here yesterday. Elena walked past them all week long without knowing what they were or caring.

Puzzles!! <3

PlayDoh! She will play with PlayDoh for a LONG time.

She loves to sing, and now she will sing songs to HIM!

Coloring books. She was done at this point and wanted to color.

My new daughters. Well, one is working on it. lol. I sure do wish my other daughter was here. She was missed.

We all sang Happy Birthday to her and she totally creeped out. She really wasn't sure what to make of this day,

But she sure likes stars.

John was trying to get her to blow out the candles. She eventually got it.

And she got chocolate cake out of the deal!! So maybe all the stress of a birthday was worth it.

Life is good!

Saturday, January 23, 2010

25 years

Alot happens in 25 years.

Alot of living, alot of dying to self, alot of laughter and yes quite a few tears. You also have a lot of peace and joy and comfort and trust and protection. You've got struggles, frustrations, some failures.

You've got victories and you've got defeats. You thrive and sometimes you survive. You change, and for somethings, you stay exactly the same.

You learn new things, and let go of old ideas that you thought were so important, but really dragged you down. You run to adventure, and you snuggle to a warm embrace.

You cling to the ONE who brought you together, and you move forward.

25 years ago, I married this man, that truthfully, I hardly knew.

And he turned out to be exactly the man I needed. The man I love.

With this man, we have 4 beautiful children, and we try so hard to raise them to HIS glory.

With this man, I have grown in spite of my stubbornness and immaturity.

With this man, I have seen dreams and hopes come true in ways that I didn't expect, but were perfect for us.

With this man, I have learned simplicity and the little things in life are oh-so-much-more precious then status, popularity or anything else the world has to offer.

With this man, together we have grown in faith. Striving to please HIM.

Yup. I love this man.

And so today, I put my hope in HIM, who brought us together and I put my hand in his whom I love, and I will look forward to what the future holds.

Happy 25th anniversary, my love.

Wednesday, January 20, 2010


We are almost past the survival mode!

It was so awful; there are no words.


We missed church on Sunday because I woke up at 12:30 pm, and basically, I crawled to the tv and watched the games. Oh how much I missed watching my games. Then at about 2am, I was good to go! The rest of the family is also on a wacky schedule.


But today I woke up at 7:40am. The closest to my wake up time in the last 3+weeks!! Only an hour and 10 minutes difference!

And how is Miss Elly doing??

She LOVES to color.

And as you can see with your own eyes, she is doing well with the animals. Much to the animals distress. lol.

And as far as John going to work, she is adjusting pretty okay. :) She can finally give daddy a kiss good bye when he leaves, but only after crying and clinging for 5 minutes. I guess it helps that she realizes he DOES come home, eventually.

Once he is gone, though, she is a happy girl. Until he comes home, and then she is glued to him again.

And she had her first trip to Costco. If her eyes could have popped out of her head, they would have. Oh the wonder, the colors, things and brightness of it! She kept looking at me as though I was a goddess, being able to produce all this. And being able to sit in the carriage??? Forget it. She almost kissed my feet.

Poor child. One day, it will be old hat to her, but for now, we love the newness of discovery in her little life. We love the simplicity of her past.

And she is talking in English. wOw! Okay, she still chatters up a storm in Chinese, but she is able to be understood pretty well, and remembers so much.

In it all, we are thankful for this little girl of our hearts. It was all worth it.

All of it.

Friday, January 15, 2010

We are back

We are back!!

And we are exhausted. lol.

And we are thankful to our LORD that we have the privilige of doing this once again.

She is such a joy. A real chatter box and oh my, how she loves to sing.

If only we could understand her. :)

But that doesn't stop us from loving it.

And she is loving older brother.

I will post more later, but for now, it's good to be home.