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Thursday, October 28, 2010

1,000 words.

Life is too busy.  So I will pop some picture in here to remind myself about this month.

Elly & one of her BFFs, Josiah's sister Leneah.  She couldn't smile harder if she tried.  And she was really trying.

Pumpkin pickin'.  With Daisy.  Even though she is a beagle, she doesn't howl alot.  She is mellow. Not like Reilly.  You can hear him howling in the next zip code.

Someone found her perfect pumpkin.

John, looking pretty fine for a going-to-be-a-grandfather in 6 months.  <3

My babies.  Without the one who is actually HAVING a baby.

Adoption #2 is chugging along.  It looks like our new daughter will arrive slightly after our new grandbaby.

And we thought we were going to name her Emma, but decided against it.

I don't know what we will name her yet.

I am hoping for Audrey.  Or Stella.  :D

Sunday, October 17, 2010

This weekend I...

Joining Becky in This weekend I....

learned that this guy:

and these 2, are going to become uncles;

And he is going to become a great grandfather,

She is becoming an aunt,

as well as this beautiful young lady.

And this guy on the right, who just became a father again in January, is going to become a grandfather, because his other baby girl,

and her husband are going to HAVE A BABY!!!

Which will make this dear friend of mine and me a grandmother.

And even though alot of other things happened this weekend, THIS is the best.

Wednesday, October 13, 2010

So, last night , I was once again reading this book I started a long time ago.

Actually, I am rereading some parts randomly, not intentionally, just opening it and reading. ( this is what happens when one can't sleep.)

And it was the part on family.  One of the quotes that the people said was how they do not really worry about the future, they will rely on GOD to provide for today and daily there after.


That sounds familiar!!

Maybe something Jesus said??!!??!!

My, how I needed to remember that.

And check out who is the Unreached People of the Day today!!  Right over there on the right!!

God is so GREAT!   Funny, too.

And, thanks to Lori, and the swift kick in the pants that was needed, I am going out today and getting my Esther study.  It is going to be good!!!

Pictures of the weekend:

Going on the first wagon ride.

And first corn maze.

Trying to throw those sticklers at me.  :P

Life is good, because GOD IS GREAT!

Friday, October 8, 2010

What do you think?

So tonight, during dinner, we were discussing taking Elly to the Parade this year.

Samuel and I think it is a fabulous idea!!!

Elly has learned to LOVE the Snoopy movies, and Dora??!!?  Are you kidding???  To see these balloons BIGGER THEN LIFE??!!??!!?? Not to mention all the other cool and amazing balloons, floats, bands, ect!!

John gave me The Look.  :P ( We have been there several times before.) ( If he had to, he would rather watch it on TV because then he can just take a nap. )


So maybe we will go over to Central Park the day before and watch them blow up the balloons instead.

Not sure which we will do yet, but it is fun to have something so magical to look forward to!!  And with a 3 year old??

47 days to decide which to do!

What do you think?

Wednesday, October 6, 2010


My oldest turns 25 today.


How am I old enough to have a 25 year old??  I don't feel a day over 43!

Oh wait, I am 43.  Never mind.

Well, as typical, he is in Arkansas.  He has had his milestone birthdays someplace else.  Starting with when he turned 18, and he was in Texas.  At bootcamp.  And the time he was in Seattle and BC, Arizona.  All for good reasons.

Including today.

My son took a position with The Bus.  He started volunteering there years ago when he was still in college.  Now he is going on staff.  And they sent him to Arkansas for some kind of training.

On his birthday.

But that doesn't stop me from rejoicing this day.  Rejoicing at the life GOD has blessed us with thus far.  The life that made me stronger, weaker, more joyfilled, frustrated, full with laughter and tears. All because of him.  My First Born Son.  <3

None of which I would EVER change.

Happy birthday my precious son.  GOD bless you with many many more.

Monday, October 4, 2010

This weekend I...

It has been too long since I joined Becky in doing this.  Life is trying to take over.  :P  lol

This weekend I...

~ drove the children to their choir ( Samuel) & dance class ( Elly).

~ watched my Longhorns lose to those ...Sooners.  ugh.  And realized I know too many Sooner fans. :P

~ decided I was going to start using the word 'Sooner" as an adjective.  As in ' You are such a Sooner'

~ sent the boys to Sonic because I didn't want to cook during the game.

~ prayed together  long & hard with my son, my younger son, for holiness.  At his request.

~ planned his birthday party.  He will be 12.  How did that happen???

~ planned my older son's birthday dinner.  He will be 25 on Wednesday.

~ had to cancel plans for older's dinner.

~ was late for Sunday school!! Sheesh.

~ went to a 1770s Fair.

~ realized I never knew there was such a thing as little colonial chinese girls  :D

~ froze at said Fair.

~ made steaks for dinner.

~ watched the Giants/Bears game.

~ cried.  And found this quote that I think I REALLY like:

If you're going through hell, keep going.  ~Winston Churchill

~ decided I will keep going.

~ Prayed, prayed and prayed.