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Monday, June 30, 2008


Its been a while!

And so much has happened!!

VBS was, as always, amazing!  I keep forgetting how delightful the children and the Bible  combination is to teach!  Its officially summer here.  aka, the air is on ALL THE TIME.  

We had my inlaws memorial service last week.  We went out 20 minutes into the Atlantic and spread their ashes.  It was soo hard.  Though my dad in law died 2 years ago, and my mother in law died last year, ( why we are having the service so late is more drama then I wish to get into)I thought it would be just a nice memorial.  I was wrong.  I miss them all over again. And John is still semi in denial.  Bless my dear husband's heart.  It hurts more then he wishes to deal with.

Next week we leave on vacation.  We rented a house in Hyannis, MA.  We are 100 yards from the beach.

Have I ever mentioned, I am not a beach person???  lol.  But the rest of my family is, so off to the beach we go.  We can take the ferry to Martha's Vineyard, though!!  So, I will be shopping/browsing/walking/antiquing/reading/...and of course, doing laundry, cooking, and general maintenance.  But I am so looking forward to it!!  New England nights make life just a little sweeter, swinging in the breeze with a light sweater on, enjoying the night sky with the love of your life.

Oh yeah, Josiah is coming with us.  It should be interesting.......

Tuesday, June 17, 2008

Zipping along....

I got a new cell phone.

Actually, Chloe & I just tagged ourselves on to John's plan and saved a ton of money.  We should have thought of that a LONG time ago.

One of these days, I will grow a brain.  

But until then, the world is safe.   :o

And how great was it to celebrate our husbands on Father's Day??  To remind him how thankful I am he is the father to my children.  He is a GREAT dad.  

Samuel asked him what he wanted for Father's Day.  He begged for a zipline.  Yes, I said a zipline.  So, he got one.

Who cares that he is 42.  He is a kid at heart, and I know they will all love zipping across the back yard.  

Except for me.  I have no upper body strength.  I can lift dishes to the shelves.  Don't look to me for much more then that.    BUT, I'll take pictures!!!!

Wednesday, June 11, 2008


Semi-wordless Wednesday

Kindergarten graduation

3rd Grade Promotion

Summer time!!!!!

Tuesday, June 10, 2008


You know how we all have heroes of the Faith? Most are Biblical, but some are modern day?  

I can't tell you how the lives of these saints have often affected my everyday life.  When you think of those who have gone before us, in honesty, joy, perseverence, and not a hint of perfection, but true faithfulness, you know you can do this.  And yes, you can hear them cheer you on.

One of my heroes is Oswald Chambers.

We have been having a holy struggle with my daughter on what she should do for her future.  Today's devotion was on asking/seeking/knocking.  wOw!!

It was such a powerful, yet simple devotion, it was exactly what we needed to remember that whole point of our lives.

My favorite quote is .."You were not put in this life to live for yourself".  Then you realize how often you live for you, so you come up with excuses for it,then you ignore it.  

Then HE reminds you that your life is HIS, and man, HE is good!!  

So knock.  Stand next to the crucified thief (as OC said) in humility and knock, and it will be answered.

Friday, June 6, 2008


It is almost the end of the school year.

And we are scrambling like mad to finish before we go away for vacation. Or even before VBS.

The thing about homeschoolers is that we are so retarded about some things.  Like finishing school books to THE LAST PAGE. 

Is that really necessary? Somehow, I don't think so. And yet.......

These last 2 weeks have been so exciting.  Our co-op's last meeting, my last Spanish class, Samuel's last piano lesson, his recital, painting around the house, Spring cleaning, graduation parties, picnics, retreats, I can't even remember what I did yesterday because I fall in bed exhausted kind of weeks.

I hadn't even talked to my MOM is 5 days!!!!! ( I finally called her last night)

Yeah, I am ready for summer.

But then I think of my summer projects, and I think I just want a nap.

PS, for those of you who are the praying type, please pray for this adoption.  When we first started, people who have gone through it always told us how there is just one more thing that needs to get done, and that one more thing slows down the process.  Well, they are right.

But the thing is, China is now in the process of changing their way of doing things.  After decades.  I believe it is a good way.  The people who start next year will benefit from the kinks we are going through.   But we are the guinea pigs.

Its okay.  She is worth it.  But it sure does challenge one's life.