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Saturday, June 27, 2009

7 days and my house is a mess...

First & foremost....


Heather came over from New Zealand for the wedding! And we are delighted to see her face. :)

Yesterday, we went to The Met, even though my house is a mess. And I drove my monster car into the city because I just didn't feel like walking all day. And guess what? I GOT A PARKING SPACE 4 CARS DOWN FROM THE MUSEUM!!! If you have ever driven to the city and tried to find a parking space for a Smart car and spent hours driving around for a spot, then you can appreciate the fact that I drove down the street, and just like that, first time looking, found a space for my Suburban!!!


In front of The Met. Samuel, Heather, Mike & Chloe. Mike is Heather's boyfriend. He is a farmer/mechanic, which is so cool.

I was not the least bit surprised when Chloe & Heather were moonwalking in the middle of the Armor Hall. Nope, not surprised at all.

Or when they wanted a picture of them *horseback riding* along with the real stuff. Mike is not really sure what to make out of us. He keeps looking at us a little funny all the time. Life is good.

Walking the 4 car distance from the museum.

And really, I should clean my house. I don't have time to do it the rest of the week. I am tired already from all the stuff I know I have to do this week. And I haven't even done anything from that list yet! lol.

Romans 12:12 Be joyful in hope, patient in affliction, faithful in prayer.

Monday, June 15, 2009

Tuxedos & Graduations

It was graduation week last week. The first one was our homeschool group promotion/graduation ceremony. I'm still not getting the reason behind the promotion part, but I'll move on.

Rachel & Samuel have been great friends for years. This is their kindergarten promotion picture.

This is finishing 4th grade. I actually have one for every year with the 2 of them.

And one with big brother. His hero.

And then it was Stevie's graduation. I have to say, I have been to tons of graduations. Both family and kids I have taught. Stephen's graduation was my absolute FAVORITE!! It was one of the most precious things I have ever witnessed, and I was thakful to be a part of it.

Hoops, Chloe & Stevie.

Receiving his diploma & awards. We were all very proud of him.

On Sunday, I dragged John to Dante's to get fitted for his tux. He was the only one left (along with Samuel, because I didn't want to make 2 trips. And John would not have gone without me. He barely went with me. )

He whined and complained the whole time. His idea of formal dress during the summer is a pair of linen shorts, a dress shirt, tie and blazer. Oh, with his Teva's. Unless it is terribly formal, then he will wear his penny loafers. He tried to talk me into convincing the kids to let him wear that. Not so much.

He whined as I dragged him out of the house, the whole car ride there, to the guy at the store, while trying it on ( and can I say, he looked terribly handsome. I was kicking myself for forgetting a camera) and then knowing he was going to whine all the way home, I suggested we stop by the park, so he could forget about it for a while.

When we got to Dante's, the guy pulled out the file, and since we were the only ones left to be fitted, he figured out John's role. Then he said with his eyes popping out " YOU are the father of the bride???!?!?!" I guess most father of the brides look a little older and GET HAIRCUTS.

Moving on.

And so less the 3 weeks, and my daughter will become his wife.

Thursday, June 11, 2009

Good Job Dear Boy

I have mentioned before that one of my nephews is Autistic.

Stevie graduates high school today!!!! He goes to a special school, and they have helped him tremendously. But in reality, after all is said and done, my sister is the true hero in his life.

She has raised him on her own since my brother in law passed away when Stephen was 6. It wasn't easy, and many times it wasn't fun. But all the hard work has paid off, as Stephen is a great, honest, honorable, hardworking young man.

Today, we celebrate this great wonderful occassion!! The WHOLE family going to PA to cheer on our graduate. When my sister called the school to tell them how many people were coming, they were slightly shocked at the number. Not upset or resentful, just shocked,. lol. There are about 18 kids graduating. And Stevie is bringing in the biggest crowd.

We are hispanic.

We own it.

Monday, June 8, 2009


Life is crazy busy. In general.

It kind of gets crazier/busier when you throw a wedding in the mix. But in the mist of this crazy/busyness, you get to do fun stuff also. Like attend your daughter's wedding showers!!

She has had 3 these last few weeks. One given by the church which was lovely, one given by the bridesmaids, which was a pamper shower, where they gave her shower gels. perfumes nightgowns and stuff. ( I wasn't there for that one), and one that people often refer to as " the toaster shower."

Did I mention my aunt came up for the wedding? As with always she comes for about 2 - 3 months at a pop from El Salvador. Here she is with Claudia, my cousin/sister. We are so happy she is here. She makes things joyful. Even crummy chores.

here is Chloe with her church bridal hat. Remember them?

This week, on my list is;

painting the livingroom
painting the front porch
waxing the floors in the whole house
finish cleaning the basement
CLEAN MY ROOM. Its not horrible, but it hasn't had that deep cleaning in a long time. I have too many books.

And then, there is stuff like:

I have my hair appointment to get my hair cut and COLORED. Yes, colored. Yikes.
3 graduations this week to attend.
Having ladies over for a tea and and meet a greet. This woman came from Texas ( why would anyone move here from Texas???) and she is pregnant and on bed rest. She has 3 little girls. She needs to meet some people since she can't get out. Hence, the meet & greet!
a vet appointment
****FINISH SCHOOL!!***** YAY!!!!*******

So, off I go to get the next task done.

There is a wedding list of things to do, but I am still in denial.

Pray for me.

Thursday, June 4, 2009

1 month

One month from today, yes, ONE MONTH, and my daughter will be a Mrs.

How can that be? I am not that old.

Okay, yes I am, but still...

One month to get it all done. I pulled out my 4 page list of things that still need to get done for the wedding. Then I folded it back up and put it away. Today I will be in denial.

Tomorrow, my mom, my sister, my daughter & I are off to PA for the annual Lilly sale. It's a tradition.

And this weekend, we start to paint.

Have I ever mentioned how much I hate to paint???