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Saturday, August 25, 2007

Off to Cape Ann!!

So far, the morning has been one disaster after another.

But God is good!

See you next week.

Thursday, August 23, 2007

So, my friend came over today and was shocked that I wasn't going crazy packing.

I need to learn how to panic.

I hadn't even started laundry yet, until she made me. I mean, we are only going for a week, and they have a washing machine at the house. And whatever we forget, we could probably do without. Or we could BUY IT if it was totally necessary; like a toothbrush. I mean, we are going to MA, not Africa. lol.

Meanwhile, John panics enough or the whole family. He is panicked about the jobs, the house, the dogs, the weather.

I think God lead us to each other to even us out.

Or to drive each other crazy.

One or the other.

Still love him though!! So, I'll keep him :)

Meanwhile, my sister got me this for my birthday. http://www.theflip.com/

So, it is the funnest thing I have ever gotten!! People think its a regular camera,(its small) and get ready to get a picture taken, and it HILARIOUS!! And it runs on 2 AA batteries! How cool is that? And it just pops into the computer so quick like. It is totally idiot proof. AND the quality of the video is amazing!

So needless to say, I love it!

Gonna got put the stuff in the dryer........ I should video tape that!!

Tuesday, August 21, 2007

My baby girl comes home today! FOR GOOD!

Well, granted she has been home on her day off every week, but always brings home 2 - 4 people, so we never quite had time together. It has been a joy to entertain all those young people, but....

I' ve missed her.

BUT she comes home today. She is my birthday present.

Because today, I turn 40.

My friend called me this morning to wish me a happy birthday. Her 40th birthday is on Friday! She was saying how she is kind of disappointed with her accomplishments in life.

I love my life. I am at peace with who I am in my precious Lord. Not that HE still doesn't have MAJOR work to do, but as of today, life is good. Not easy, or even fun sometimes. But it sure is good.

My mom is making my birthday dinner. Paella. I asked for tamales, but she didn't like that idea. lol. Thats considered everyday food for her. Its just family, and there will be 24 people there. She is all upset because we couldn't do our normal big celebration with friends also, seeing how its Tuesday, and we leave this weekend, when she would have done the big thing. After all, we are hispanic, and we LOVE to celebrate anything! For John's 40th, we have about 100+ people.

When we were first married, John, being the ever Irishman, didn't get it. After almost 23 years, he is getting used to it.

So, off to vaccum. The dogs don't stop shedding on account of a birthday. : )

Sunday, August 19, 2007

John, Samuel & I went to Fridays tonight for some burgers. As we were waiting to get seated, this family walked in and they had a little girl. She was oriental. We all straightened up a little, and then looked at each other smiling like fools. lol.

We can't wait for our daughter/sister to come home.

Meanwhile Lance is now in the beautiful state of Washington. Tomorrow he drives up to British Columbia. He called and said it is as beautiful as he imagined. :::sigh::: I know I shouldn't hope he doesn't end up there, but I can't help it.

Meanwhile, we went to the LLBean outlet store today. They had a mad crazy sale today! It was almost like you opened the door to go in, and they throw stuff at you to take home. I bought SO MANY THINGS and it all came out to $54. I mean it was hundreds of dollars worth of stuff. I was delighted at the bargains I was able to get.

We are leaving to Cape Ann early next Saurday morning. http://www.beachknoll.com/ This is the place we are staying. I could say we are all in need of this, but I believe we could do without it if we had to and be okay. But it sure will be a great time, though. Its about 5 hours from here. Maybe a little more, but close enough, yet far enough. ( specially if John should get a phone call from a contractor, he can't up & leave like he would most likely do if we were closer,so he can truly rest) We all love Boston. New England area really. John & I always dreamed of living up there. Now its too cold for me. Between my Reynauds & arthritis.... So we will visit & enjoy.

I am off to bed. I know its 8:23, but its coldish & rainy and just a general drowsy kind of day. You all have a good one!

Thursday, August 16, 2007

The Adams Family ....

So, we need a picture of the whole family to send to the adoption agency. I couldn't believe we didn't have one! I mean, sheesh, how could this be? Not even one?!?!?!

So, Chloe was home yesterday, and once again, she brought some fellow counselors home with her. I asked one of them to take a picture of us, just spur of the moment like. She took ONE picture!! ONE! And amazingly enough, we all looked okay. I mean, not great, and maybe not even good-ish, but good enough. LOL We could truly do this for hours and still be like " UMMMM take another one."
As you can see, we pulled Lance out of bed. He put on this sweater type thing,and thought he could looked good. Typical guy.
And Samuel must of had some serious cows in his room last night!! Look at the size of that untameable cow-lick!!
And no, we are not the Adams family, but sometimes.... I look for Uncle Fester to come around the corner. :)

Wednesday, August 15, 2007

walk in HIS ways

I have been in a Holy Struggle the last few weeks.

I went to sleep last night at about 1:30am, and woke up about 6 times during the night. This morning, I beg my Lord to give me instruction from HIS Word, once again. To put this heart of mine at peace.


He is so wonderful, this God of mine. I was reading Ephesians 4 today, and it hit me. I have not been a "prisoner for the Lord." As I read the chapter, I wept with joy. I felt my heart begin to become less burdened with every word. HE is in control. I worry entirely too much, as though I could do anything about anything!!

Okay okay, confession time. I ALWAYS want to be in control of how things happen. As though I have a right, or at least have done a decent job in the past. Neither of which are true.

I keep telling my kids , when they say life is not fair or when they think they have rights, " As a child of God, you have the right to serve others , and thats it." I guess its about time I take my own advice, and be set free.

Sunday, August 12, 2007


So, Hoops suggested we go canoeing after church today. I am not a water person, so I tried, unsuccessfully, to get out of it. As I sulked in the car on the way to the place, we were going down the highway, and one of the straps holding the canoe snapped!! We pulled over and John & Lance fixed it while I tried to breathe normal again.

We went to the beach part first. Here is John trying to get warm after swimming. The guy has no body fat. I on the other hand, well......... lets not go there.

Then we took off on the canoe, we went to a secluded place that was stunning, and serene. Here is our first born. This is the longest his hair has been in years and years and years. He was always a crewcut kind of guy his whole life. His military duty is now up, and he thought he would grow it. I have mixed feelings.....

They thought they found a dead fish, it turned out to be a lure. HAHAHAHAHA . Wait, I shouldn't laugh.

Here are Hoops and Samuel. Notice their method of canoeing. Sticking your legs out. They went all over this way. Somehow, it doesn't look comfortable to me. But they enjoyed it.

Samuel swam back, and John, the ever worry wart, rows next to him. John made him wear the life jacket, even though Samuel is a good swimmer. The water was crystal clear, and there were some DEEP parts. I guess he was right on this one.

And as we were leaving this beautiful place with gorgeous weather, and a lovely time despite my not wanting to be there and the canoe almost flying off car, it was time to skip rocks before going home. Okay, I have to admit, I thouroughly enjoyed myself, and even thanked Hoops for suggesting it.

Chloe comes home in 9 days!!! It will be nice to have my girl back home again. I miss her. The testostorone is just flying in this house. lol.
I hope yous guys had a nice weekend also. :)

Saturday, August 11, 2007


Okay, so have I mentioned I love football?
I DO!!
Today I called the cable company to order the football AND college football package. I actually considered coming home early from our vacation to catch the Longhorn's first game. But at the suggestion of my dear love, we will come home at the regularly scheduled time. ( I may catch the tail end of the game though!)
To my dismay, none of my children are Steelers fan. I mean, they tolerate them, but I have one that a Patriot's fan, a Giant's fan and an EAGLES (gag) fan!!!! What happened? Where did I go wrong. Not to mention John is a Bill's fan.
Hopefully our *new* baby girl will be a Steelers fan. Just like her momma. :)

Friday, August 10, 2007

Prayer..... with feet on.

Babies are a beautiful thing. Oh how we love them in this house.
After much prayer, (5+years) we are starting the adoption process. We would covet your prayers as we start this wonderful, terrifyingly long journey.
Our children are out of their minds with excitement, and John looks like he is about to jump out of his skin, he can't contain himself. We are "asking" for a little girl from China. Not perfectly "normal", but beautiful for us just the same. (cleft palate. )
This morning, Lance started asking if we had thought of names yet. He would like for us to decide ASAP so he can pray for his new little sister by name. It will be a family decision as to what to name her. Though I think Grace will be perfect. I'll keep you posted. lol.
So, the paper chase started this morning.
But God is good. :)

Thursday, August 9, 2007

What day is it??

Have you ever been so busy, and life has no rhyme or reason and no real schedule, that you have to go to the calenday to figure out what day it is???? And it takes you a minute or to to calculate and figure it out?!?!?!?

I am not too fond of moments like that.

12 days until I turn 40.

Maria was over to the house yesterday. Chloe brought home more internationals for break, so I was trying to feed them, the rest of the family, and my nieces pancakes while she stopped by. It was great. She seemed to know what to help with and what I needed, andwe talked and once again solved the world's problems while getting breakfast on the table. She asked me how I felt about turning 40.

To tell you the truth, it really doesn't faze me at all. I know when John turned 40 ( let the record show, that was 2 years ago) he didn't do too well with it. I do have to admit though, I always used to say, I would grow old gracefully and never color my hair. That lasted until I saw the first gray hair. :o Granted I don't color my hair yet, I WILL!!!!! Forget this growing old gracefully stuff, at least when it comes to hair. Everything else I will accept with age and "grace." Everytime I go to my hair dresser, though,I ask her, "Is it time yet??"

Anyway. Maria left at 4am this morning. ::::sigh:::: We had a grand time, and I am thankful for the time we got to see each other with our own 4 eyes. (Though if we add them together it turns out to be 8. Both of us being blind and all. ) Funny thing though, I miss her, but not. I will call her or she will call me tomorrow!!

Anyway, Samuel's last day of Rock climbing camp. No broken bones. Its beena good camp.

Saturday, August 4, 2007


As all of you could say......I just seem to run out of time!!

This week went by so quickly, VBS was wonderful, truly my favorite class in about 20 years, and my house looks like a bomb went off in it. Today, I am cleaning & rearranging furniture.

Yesterday, I was sitting on my couch in an uninterrupted rare moment, ( and I REALLY mean moment)and I realized I haven't moved my livingroom furniture around in about a year and a half!! How did this happen? I am a move-it-around-every-couple-of-months type person. Well, that the goal of this morning.

No one except for Samuel is around to help me. The older kids have always been "commandeered" to help. They got so used to it, they almost considered it a chore. One of those monthly chore things. My friend calls it my ADD coming out. She says that why I change the color of my front porch & shutters so often also. Most people leave the colors for years, I change it at LEAST once a year. My neighbor says she is always waiting to see what I am going to do next.

Like I don't have anough to do. You know, like I have WAY too much time n my hands. I think I need a lesson is good time management, and real life living.

Okay, off to mave that furniture.