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Thursday, November 19, 2009


Today my baby is 11.

We were suppose to celebrate his birthday in China. But because of CIS, we were back-tracked.

So instead, he is celebrating his birthday in bed. With the flu.

And his birthday party with his friends this weekend? Cancelled.

But we will reschedule the party.

And celebrate when he is better.

But we are thankful for today. For 11 years ago today he was born!!!

And it's been fantastic every since...


Kathy C. said...

Happy Birthday to your young man! I hope he is better soon...not a fun way to spend your birthday, eh?
Some nice warm soup and toast maybe? Lot's of garlic!!!

Becky said...

Happy Birthday Samuel ... you handsome guy you!! Here's a big pinch on the cheeks and a mushy kiss. There! Now I am officially your aunt!

GreenPunkMama said...

Happy birthday Samuel! Hope he feels better the flu is no fun and for sure none at all on one's birthday!