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Wednesday, December 23, 2009

Williamsburg. Again.

So we went. Again :)

Since we were going to the south, John stripped down to his t-shirt in the car. Or maybe it was because I had the heat blasting the whole time.

I am going with the "going to the south" story.

When we got there, we ate and played a new game. Josiah read EVERY word of the directions. EVERY WORD.

And his loving wife waited patiently until he finished.

Samuel loves their hammok. Then he flipped. But it didn't stop him from going on it 5 million more times.


The next morning, Josiah & Samuel made eggnog from scratch. I am not an eggnog fan. At all. But this one wasn't 1/2 bad.

Josiah mapping out the day at Williamsburg. It amazes me that my scatter brain, fly-by-the-seat-of-her-pants daughter married someone who is so meticulous. About everything.

It was cold. COLD. So much for the South being warm. Josiah & Samuel found patches of snow. Enough for a snowball fight. All day, whenever a patch could be found.

John is a HAVC contractor. ( heat & air con.) He was quite impressed with this heating system. He was so impressed... he is still talking about it. It was his favorite part of the whole thing. duh.

I wish I had one of these. They are so lovely to walk through, even in the cold brown-leafed winter.

Josiah sitting in front of the courthouse. He wanted to look official. I wonder if he realized the hat doesn't help.

Then as we were leaving it started to snow!!!! It was so pretty.

As we were driving from Williamsburg to VA Beach, the snow turned into rain. Like that dumb song. It didn't snow there at all. But it was cold.

The men wanted to go to the beach after church. Chloe & I stayed in the car. With the heat on.

And look what we found in Northern MD!!! SNOW!


Becky said...

My husband had snow last Friday I central NC and when he got here last night he said it was still on the ground. I can't even hope that it will still be there when I get there next week. I have not had snow for 19 years.

Williamsburg sure looked like great fun. But the best part had to be the fact that you were all together.

One more week my friend! One more week!!

Chloƫ said...

LOL...I love that in the picture of Josiah throwing the snowball, you can see a water circle on the back of samuel's jacket from another snowball.

And none of those pictures were particularly flattering of me MOTHER. LOL.

See you in 11-ish hours!!

Gena said...

Williamsburg is so beautiful! I'm glad you were there with those you love.

And the snow? My friend who grew up with me just moved to VA where they got 16 inches of snow this past week. She said that now the plowed parts (on the side of the road) are higher than her car, which is BIG. You just can't seem to escape it can you? You need to visit me!!! We never have snow.

Merry Christmas to you. I hope this one is wonderful for you and yours.