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Saturday, July 23, 2011

The Dogs Do Not Wish to Have These Days Named After Them Summer

It is hot.

In fact, it is so hot, it is insulting to all those hot days we have had, to call this hot.

It is sweltering, disgusting, hot, humid, I-am-melting-before-my-very-eyes 100+ degree weather.

And today is no different.  I think we are looking at 103.

Remember that community garden plot we have?  I have been enjoying it very much.  Except this week.  Who wants to go and water that thing, in full sun, in 92 degree by 8am weather??


The dogs don't even move.  They just plop down and give me that look, as though I made this happen.

And have I mentioned I do not have central air?  Because I don't.

Never mind that the love of my life is a contractor.  We will not talk about that.

Nope.  We won't.


Today, the son of one of my dear friends is getting married.  ( outside)  It is odd, to be in that time of your life when your kids' friends are getting married.  I know that I should be okay with it seeing as how my daughter got married 2 years ago.  And I am a grandmother.  <3  But it is still a weird feeling.  Like...I am not in my 30s anymore, even though I still feel like it.

I am looking forward to this wedding.  The two of them are so perfect for each other.  You can't slap the grins off their faces, if you tried.  And this started the day they met years ago.

The only bummer thing about today is...that he is marrying a hispanic girl ( woo-hoo!!!) whose parents came here to America for the wedding.  I am translating the ceremony ( woo-hoo!!)  but I still have this crummy summer head cold. ( not woo-hoo) So hopefully, I can still think fast on my feet even though my head is cottony.  :P  Pray it goes really well.

And now...off to the garden before the wedding.  To water my dying, we surrender under this heat plants.  And be back to shower all the sweat ( I better lose some weight because of this) off.

GOD is good.   All the time.

Sunday, July 17, 2011

Summer in the city/beach/mountainside

I am always in the illusion that things will slow down in the summer.  No more chaotic schedules to be tied down to, and I have come to realize, no schedule means anything goes.

And anything does go.

Being in Jersey gives us many opportunities to do, truly, whatever we want.  

Like go into the city just to watch street performers.  Granted if we wanted to we could eat food from anywhere in the world, go to museums, see sights that are truly amazing to behold.  Or just go watch street performers.

And even though we have seen this lighthouse for about 30 years, I don't think we have ever taken a picture of it.  It is the Titanic Memorial Lighthouse.

Or we could go down the shore.  I am not a shore fan, but everyone else in my house is, so...

Or go on hikes...

Or jump off bridges.  

Do you remember when your mother ( or maybe you say this, too) used to say " Well, if everyone jumped off a bridge would you do it too??"  I can never use that on my son.  He would be the one to jump first.

Or jump off cliffs.  

Jersey has a lot to offer.  It is truly an opportunity state.  It is an expensive state, but one can kind of see why.

So why have I wanted to leave this great state?

I think I was born for island living.  Or country living.  Or foreign land living.

But here I am.  To GOD be the Glory.  Let me bloom where HE planted me.


We got a picture of Audrey that was taken on Wednesday.  And PRAISE GOD, truly, she looks so much better and healthier.  And can I say...beautiful.  <3  

Funny story:

When we got the pictures, I first sat and stared in awe for a few minutes.  Then I called Elly over so she could see her little sister.  She came running and she was about to say " AAaaWWwwww..."  It started as and " Aww..."  But finished with, "  MOMMY!!!  CAN I HAVE MY HAIR LIKE THAT??!!??!!??"  

See, Audrey has all sorts of braids and beads weaved in her hair.  

And now my little chinese daughter, with hair as straight as a pin...wishes she could do the same.

These 2 will be interesting together.   :D

Saturday, July 2, 2011

The Pool

We joined the pool again this year.  We didn't last year because Samuel opted to join several camps, and since we couldn't financially do both, Elena missed out, without knowing it.

Well she is loving this place.

And I am loving her face.

Chloe & Josiah went with us, and This Beautiful Grandson of Mine was trying to figure out what he has done in his little life, that would cause his parents to torture him by putting him in cold water while all he really wants to do is eat.   Can I interject here and say  HE IS SO BEAUTIFUL!!!!

And Samuel?  When asked to get out of the pool, this is his response.  He loves being in the water.  Pool, beach, lake..it is always the same...impossible to drag him out.

Well...since we are talking about pools and such, I am going to put in a plug for all you out there who are still trying to find a modest bathing suit.   I had been searching for a long time for a bathing suit that I would feel comfortable with, and actually like enough to wear it.  I came up with ...nothing.  I have a Land's End suit, that according to the world is pretty modest.  But it just didn't do it for me.  I wore it, but kept looking for somehting better.

I found it!!

I got it in the mail and I LOVE IT!!

The company was founded by 2 Conservative Jewish women.  The suits have been approved by a rabbi before they go into production.  They basically cater to to Musilm & Jewish law.   I am neither Mulsim or Jewish, but a Christian, who desires to be more modest then the norm.  Personal conviction.

Anyway, I bought this skirt!!

It was pricey, but then when I look at the regular well made bathing suits, it was compareable.  Next year, I am hoping to buy a top, but for now, this will have to do.

And now I am comfortably ready for the pool. (Or the beach, Or the lake.  My husband & children are water nuts.)

And when I am there, I may have to eat this peanut for lunch because she is too cute for her own good.