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Friday, December 4, 2009

Open House

We decided to have a Christmas Open House last weekend. I know it was early, but we were HOPING to be in China soon.

Anyway, everyone got ready, including Shelby, much to her irritation, I'm sure.

But she sure did look cute. :)

We included a white elephant exchange for the party. Always fun!!

Leneah, Josiah's sister got Samuel's old hockey helmet. Being the girly girly girl that she is, she picked the big pink bag (in background). I wasn't even thinking of how opposite it was. It was the only bag big enough that I had!! Honest!

Samuel wanted to go first, not knowing how the game worked. Noah wanted to go last, knowing how the game worked.

Noah got Matzo. Samuel's favorite thing in the whole wide world. Which you can tell by looking at his face. rofl!!

Look at what Heather got! I wonder if she will use it??

Claudia got prunes & organic toilet paper. Words escape me.

Dan got a purse, filled with lipgloss & stuff. He hit the jackpot! Much to Leneah's pout.

I noticed a whole lot of girls at the party. There were like 2 boys. Hmmm...

Chloe & her father-in-law. I can't believe my baby has a father-in-law.

Leneah & Gwen. Gwen was adopted 6 years ago. :)

Hoops after everyone left.

We had about 40 people and everyone bought WAY too much food. Needless to say the beagles were in their crate the WHOLE time. Too much food, too easy access. Not a good plan with beagles. Unless you ask the beagles.

Many people couldn't make it, it being Thanksgiving weekend, but we had a great time!!!

1 comment:

Chloƫ said...

Shelby girl is so cute. I love her :]

And Samuel's face is priceless. Picture perfect, LOL.

Fun party!