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Tuesday, October 2, 2012

I am appalled at my ignorance.

Anyway, the education continues.

Moving on... elections are right around the corner!!  Both candidates leave so much to be desired.  But I now in it all, GOD is still supreme.  so if by chance our present president gets re-elected and I feel like panicking and throwing up, I will remember this truth, and move on.

We have 3 birthdays in 4 days this month!!  Because to spread the out would not be as much fun.  lol.  My son and my son in law are 2 days apart.  Seriously...his mom &I were pregnant at the self same time!!! Weird, in  cool kind of way.  And now my future daughter in law's birthday is the day before my son!!!

So, after 5 months, this vegan this is still not cool.  At least now I know what I am doing, and I can feed the man.

But seriously, it doesn't stop it from being the pits.   :P

And going out to eat..not so much fun.  We basically have 2  or 3 places to pick from, and THAT is also the pits, living here in Jersey where we have access to authentic food from EVERYWHERE!!!


OK, I will stop complaining.

The girls are now real sisters.  Getting into fights and giving each other the stare down; and then 2 minutes later skipping/laughing/playing together like best friends.

GOD is good.

And beautiful boy?  Amazingly enough, he gets more beautiful everyday. Seems impossible, but it s true!

Ok, off to make vegan cookies.  Which HEY, everyone seems to like.  Most don't even realize they are vegan.  lol.