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Friday, July 30, 2010

Last night, my husband and I decided to go someplace where we used to take our older children ALL THE TIME. First time we went was about 19 years ago.

Jerusalem Pizza.

Blast from the past. We haven't been there in so long Samuel who is 11 3/4 doesn't remember ever being there. It looks EXACTLY the same. With it's posters of The Sabras and The Israeli tourists, cab drivers, and maps of the Holy Land all over.

Jerusalem Pizza is in the lovely town of Highland Park. If we could afford it I would move there in a heart beat. It is such a family town and the houses are not big houses, but there is not one house that looks the same in the whole town. They are so neat and unusual.

It is mostly conservative Jews in the town, and the whole town shuts down Friday at sunset until Sunday. You see everyone walking on Saturday, regardless of the weather. And since they can only walk a little over a mile or it would be working, there are quite a few synagogues all over town. We also figured the taxes are probably low because 80% of the kids go to Jewish Day School or are homeschooled.

Anyway, back to the pizza place. I was raised to know more about the Jewish faith then my Catholic heritage. I almost converted at 15 because it was all I knew. SO the first time John ordered pizza, he went to the guy (in his kippah) ( the guy, not John) ( though John has his share of kippahs from having to go to synagogue for weddings/bar mitzvahs/funerals) and said " I would like to order a pepperoni pizza please."

I forgot I married an irishman who had never been around Jewish people.

I walked away and made believe I didn't know this ding-a-ling. Who would order such a thing. From a Jew. In a Kosher eatery.

I was young and stupid for not standing by my man.

I have apologized repeatedly for not instructing him and leaving him for dumb.

Now he knows the faith, customs & traditions better.

We remembered why we used to go there all the time.

And we will be back soon.

And I stand by my man much better now. :)

I leave you with this picture. My oldest child playing with my youngest child. I heard her cracking up outside. And This is what I found.

Tuesday, July 27, 2010


Do you remember 20 years ago?

20 years ago, I was wearing the size pants I want to wear now.

20 years ago, I was still a young wife, idealistic and energized.

20 years ago, I was the mother of 2, and no more children in sight, medically, not emotionally or spiritually.

20 years ago, I was so cool, driving my Jeep Wrangler around life.

20 years ago, the 90's style started, much to our embarrasment.

20 years ago, Margaret Thatcher, the first female PM of the UK resigned after 11 years.

20 years ago, yuppi-dom was in full swing. :P

20 years ago, my husband started surfing.

20 years ago, the First Desert War was going on.

20 years ago, Jim Henson died.

20 years ago, John Gotti was arrested!!

20 years ago, we moved to a new town.

20 years ago,

homeschooling came into my life.

20 years!! How is that possible??

And part of me thinks that is cool. Then I remember that Elly-bug is 3.

Which is at least 15 more years of this.

15 years.


Monday, July 26, 2010

My Son the Nerd

My son started Apple camp today. At the Apple store.

We have tried to get him in for years, and they filled up so quickly. Now I know why.


My husband was slightly disturbed by this. He is not sure about the nerd factor. I told him I like nerds. They are so much more nicer then the 'cool' kids.

True story.

Anyway, he fit right in.

Then made it worse by admitting his favorite movies were documentaries. Then even the nerds looked at him funny.

My son the nerd.

This Weekend I...

Becky...always keeping us faithful.


Keys to the Cottage

~ did laundry

~ ironed

~ went to BJs wiht just Elly

~ couldn't believe how peaceful that was, not that I don't enjoy my 11 year old, just he asks for EVERYTHING

~ went to the mall, just to get my Vera fix. They have a WHOLE Vera Store. Love the new patterns.

~ bought 100s of dollars worth of stuff at the Vera store. In my head.

~ didn't spend a dime in real life.

~ watched 12 baptisms at our church service. Since we average about 125 people at church, this was a glorious moment.

~ remembered any baptism is a glorious moment for us baptist

~ Went to a friend's house. Since her back was bothering her, I cooked & bought over everything.

~ stayed indoors for the most part.

Saturday, July 24, 2010

WHY did you agree??????

It has been a week of surviving.

I am surviving trying to get my house in order. IT has not worked out as well as I have hoped.

My oldest son asked if he could move in with us for 2 -3 weeks before he moves to Vermont this August. As though we would say no. Duh.

So, I got this hair-brained idea, and told him," Since you are moving in with us rent free for a couple of weeks, you have to do something for me."

He gave me that " Oh no" look. And amazingly enough he agreed before I told him what that would be.

" We will clean out the attic & basement."

" We will either rent a dumpster or make loads of trips to the dump."

" We will organize this house to the point of ridiculous."

You know what he said when I tried to scare him with this???



You are suppose to argue and complain. You are suppose to tell me how this is unfair, and you are working like a dog to save money for your move. You are suppose to tell me how you want to spend time with your little brother and sister, with your friends, with your grandparents, with your mentors before you move 7 hours away. You are suppose to tell me how I should be enjoying you and let you rest. You are suppose to get upset with me. You are suppose to give me the lecture you have heard all your life about not letting things get out of hand.

You are suppose to talk me out of it.


Now I am committed.


So I am starting this process.

Pray for me. I have a hard time letting go of things. I get the "maybe we will need this for something at one point in life" mentality from both my parents. They have a very neat house, it is big and it is neat, and their closets are so FULL, in a neat and organized way. But you can't even put a piece of paper in there because there is NO ROOM.

So, dear son, we will do this. And I will be thankful in the end. And I will enjoy working with you. I think.

And I will miss you when you go.

Wednesday, July 21, 2010

Tuesday, July 20, 2010

This weekend I...

I know it's late Tuesday, but I wasn't here on Sunday or Monday to do this, but still, love being part of Becky's gang.

Keys to the Cottage

~ drove 7 hours to Va Beach to see my daughter & son-in-law.

~ woke up at 6:20 am Saturday to watch said daughter run a 5K and son-in-law do a run/swim on the ocean/run race. Both did GREAT! I was exhausted.

~ went to Williamsburg.

~ went to Williamsburg outlets where the STILL HAVE AN LL BEAN OUTLET!!!

~ randomly saw a young lady whom I have know for years. She moved down there, too and we saw her at one of the stores! What were the chances??

~ went to church service on the beach. It was my kids' church's turn to have it there. Pretty cool.

~ stayed at the beach and got super dark. :P

~ watched Elly's first time on the beach. She LOVED it.

~ dragged my son out of the water to feed him. Was unsuccessful.

~ went to Water World USA. Were going to go to Busch Gardens, but the 102 weather changed our minds.

~ ate pizza. In the south. Never a good thing, but this time is was*decent*. For the south.

~ pump up my son with A*vil for the weekend. He got his braces on Thursday.

~miss the kids already.

Yes it was an exhausting weekend. But it was fantastic! The only thing that was a bummer was that my beloved stayed home. Being a contractor doesn't lend to too much time off in the summer. :( But now we are waiting for him to come home and shower him with hugs & kisses. :)

Join in the fun!!

Thursday, July 15, 2010


Leaving at the crack of dawn tomorrow morning ( meaning 8am) to go see Baby Girl #1.

And won't be back until Tuesday.

Hopefully the weather will co-operate. VA Beach, here we come. Again.


This is the life I wish I had. Being queen, for at least a day.

But this is my life. Trying to be queen, but not really working out.


I won't change it for the world.

Sunday, July 11, 2010

This weekend I...

Thanks Becky, for making me document and remember!!

Keys to the Cottage

~ watched the rain!! Though it only lasted 1/2hour, it was beautiful.

~ played with Elly & Jessica, our 7 year old neighbor.

~ watched Brian Regan on netflix. H-I-L-A-R-I-O-U-S!

~ started reading a new book.

~ went to church.

~ heard a fantastic sermon.

~ sat next my oldest son at church. I haven't done that in YEARS because he goes to a different church.

~ ironed.

~ watched the final game of the World Cup. yAy Spain!!!

~ took the beagles & the children for a walk around the lake with my husband.

~ had calzone for dinner. I didn't make them. Alfonzo did.

~ taught my son a lesson in humility & authority. I hate teaching those lessons to an adolescent. But that's when they need it the most.

~ lost yet another toe nail. Thank you 1/2 marathon training. :P

~ got a new cat. Her name is Mike Piazza. Don't ask.

Saturday, July 10, 2010

Is over 5 years enough???

Sorrow is our John the Baptist, clad in grim garments, with rough arms, a son of the wilderness, baptizing us with bitter tears, preaching repentance; and behind him comes the gracious, affectionate, healing Lord, speaking peace and joy to the soul. ~Frederic Dan Huntington

I know very few people have an easy life. And I know more people have a difficult life. Some have to watch their children die of starvation. Some have to watch their children/spouse/family member/dear friend self destruct with drugs/alcohol/sex. Some have constant pain that no medication can bring relief. Some have heartache that doesn't seem as monumental as the others, but just as real.

And those who turn to The Cross, have the advantage of peace amongst the storm. When they cling to it.

Will this be the year when I am released? Will it get worse ( though I can't imagine) before it gets better? Will I see the fire as refinement or whine because I am tired? Probably a bit of both.

But John the Baptist, was an important part of the story.

And I will embrace John, bitter tears and all, and find the grace & healing.

"I give thanks before You, Living and Eternal King, that You have returned within me my soul with compassion; [how] abundant is Your faithfulness!" Jewish prayer upon waking up.

Wednesday, July 7, 2010

What?? It's been a week????

There are so many things to do during summer, one forgets to catch up so one can look back and remember what we did.

Meaning I haven't had time to blog.

Let me preface this by saying it is H-O-T here in Jersey.

And I don't have central air. And my husband is an HVAC contractor. And that's all I have to say about that.


Well, for the holiday weekend, we went to my sister's in PA. It was fantastic.

She has a pool.

I think this should be EVERYBODY'S reaction when in the pool. Elly did not stop looking like this the whole time she was in the pool. She woke up ready to swim, and had to be dragged out of the pool to go to bed. And eat.
(click to enlarge)

I did make her get out of the pool to give her skin some rest. I told her her hands were too pruney and until they got drier, she had to stay out. Here she is trying to make the sun dry them super fast.

Look who is back from Israel!!!

Contemplating life. And reading on the iPad.

Elizzi, Elly & Tim waiting to go to the fireworks. And since the wait was too long, they made Tim give them rides.

AGAIN, this should be everybody's reaction to fireworks. Elly cheered, laughed, clapped her hands, loved, loved, loved the fireworks!! It was more fun watching her than watching the sky-show.

Since we live in NJ, and fireworks are illegal, and sparklers will get you a few years in jail, and PA sell fireworks in the supermarket... we came home from the big show, and had a show of our own. Samuel, Tim and Lance did a box's worth of their own, which lasted an hour. It was cool!

They spent all that time in Israel together, but it didn't make these 2 any less competitive on who gets the most comfortable couch. Neither was going to get off, so they both dealt with it. Cousins...

Samuel, going for an almost midnight swim.

Football catching.

We are still doing school. We didn't finish so that's that. Even when friends call to get together, the answer is " Did you finish your school work for today? Because whatever your answer is, is my answer." He doesn't like that answer.

And then there is the hard times of life. We just found out that my dad has Parkinsons.

We are still processing.

And we are still clinging to HIM.