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Monday, November 30, 2009




So, we will go around January 1. Again, we have to wait. Why pray tell?

Because it is the story of our lives.:::sigh:::

So we are coming, dear child. In January...

Give or take a few days.

NOT soon enough for sure.

But still.... we're going to CHINA!

Saturday, November 28, 2009

Giving THANKS!!!

At my moms!

3 Generations!! Very thankful!

It looks like Elizzi is going to smack Hoops. She wasn't. lol.

Hoops was dressed VERY badly. He got the lecture from ALL the women present. I don't think he will show up like that any holiday again.

Natz, Andrew & Alexis.

My dad & his youngest grandson.

My boys. :)

My sister's kids, Stevie, Elizzi, and Wesley.

We missed Chloe ( & Josiah) . They are spending Thanksgiving at her in-laws. :)

But that didn't stop Chloe from showing up at our house at 5am to hit the stores.

Yes,we are those crazy people who enjoy Black Friday.

I hope you had a good Thanksgiving!

Wednesday, November 25, 2009

I WON!!!

I won!!!

I know, I know. The world started spinning backwards yesterday.

But still!!!

Kathy had this give-away and I won!!!

I know!

I can't believe it! Before the give away, I had never heard of this thing, but....HEY! Now I am a big fan!! :)

I don't even know how to react.

I have never won anything.

I lose everything. Except weight.

And speaking of weight....

more to come.

Thank YOU

Today is Thanksgiving...and there is an abundance to be thankful for...

I am going to do a short List because if I don't, this will be the longest post known to mankind.

1. I am thankful for all GOD is TRYING to teach me. I am amazed at the level HE stoops down, my level, in order to gently guide me in HIS path. And the trouble comes when I keep looking else where. Story of my life.

2. I am thankful for my husband. Another amazing thing in my life. I am thankful he is also patient with me. I think that if it wasn't me that causes him to know my every action and therefore take the extra 18 steps to achieve something, it would be funny. But it is me, and it's not so funny anymore. And I am thankful for his commitment. To his family, to his work, to his faith.

3. I am thankful for my oldest son. He was a tough nut to crack, and I thought it was my job to do it. It wasn't. So when I finally surrendered, he became such an amazing man of GOD. He is so tender hearted. And faithful. He makes me proud to be his momma. And not because I had anything to do with it, but because I had NOTHING to do with it.

4. I am thankful for my daughter. She constantly reminds me to find the joy. Not with her words, but with her actions. And she is such a neat woman, I want to be like her when I grow up. She is a thoughtful and kind wife, sister and daughter. And her commitment to GOD has been her first and foremost concern, even when she was 5. She is also the one who takes life by the horns and hangs on for the ride. Life is too short. Just do it.

5. I am thankful for my youngest son. What passion that boy has!! He reminds me of his daddy in that. He is funny, thoughtful, active, smart, passionate, tenderhearted, stubborn, and loveable. And that's not even a complete list. Actually that is just the top layer of many. Granted he is also always looking for a way to get out of school, but he grudgingly completes it. ( Thank you LORD he is smart and it doesn't take much for him to learn.)

6. I am thankful for Elly. She has been my refiner's fire of hope & faith. I don't know her yet, but I can't wait. I don't know her yet, she fills me with joy. I don't know her yet, but she is mine.

7. I am thankful for Josiah. I can't even imagine what my daughter's husband would be like when she was growing up. I knew he had to be someone strong and yet kind. A dreamer, yet solid as a rock. Someone who loved to play, but was responsible. Someone who could laugh and delight in her antics, but bring her back to life in a tender way that she could trust. Someone who had feet of clay, but a heart of gold. I could say she found him, but she didn't. GOD brought him to her in HIS way, in HIS time, and to HIS glory. Yup. He is not perfect, but boy, is he perfect for her. I can't believe how much I have grown to love this young man. Yup, I am thankful.

8. I am thankful for homeschooling. It is a blessing I fought against with all my might. Thankfully I failed and HE pour out the joy. It has been hard and wonderful. I quit so many times, I lost count 15 years ago. But HE is faithful, and I am thankful. I have learned so much, not just academically, but spiritually, emotionally, and yes even physically.

9. I am thankful for my family. My big, fat, hispanic family. Yes, we are in each others business, all the time. Yes, there were times when I wish I lived in New Zealand. Yes, there are times when I wanted to wring someone's neck. Yes, there are times when I thought they were all crazy and I must have been adopted. ( HAHAHA) Yes, there are time when I want to cry with frustration. Yes, the laughter comes freely and often. But that is what happens when the love and caring flows freely and often. And in the end, I wouldn't trade it for the world.

10. I am thankful for my friends. These are the people who watch my meltdowns, hear my complaints, wonder about my sanity, make me take a break, cry with me, laugh with me, give me the *look*, push me beyond my comfort zone, make me get out when I am too depressed, think that I have something to offer, give me hope, and sometimes just sit with me. God knew what HE meant when he said we needed someone. Not just a spouse, but a friend.

11. I am thankful for my home. I am not a big fan of our home, but I sure am thankful for it. And it is slowly growing on my after YEARS. There are so many memories here. It is a blessing and when I think of all we have here, I a thankful. Thankful for the warmth, the comfort, and the ability to pay the next mortgage payment.

12. I am thankful for my life. It is not the way I planned it, but I think if it went the way I planned it, it would stink.

There are many more things I am thankful for, but I need to start baking.

I am thankful for you, if you actually got to this point!! I pray GOD's blessing on you this holy-day season. Stick close to HIM, and hang on tight!

Monday, November 23, 2009

Oh boy


So, when I signed in this morning, I happened to notice the title of my blog. Then I happen to read the immediate post right under it.

The one where I pitched the biggest, hissiest, most self-centered fit.


So, After my meltdown on Friday, I went to the most precious memorial service on Saturday. This man was such a joy. Truly. He was 82 when he died, and up until the day he got hit hard with cancer, he was a living, walking, talking, smiling, joy-filled story teller of Jesus. Actually, to tell you the truth, he was like that until the days he died. Even through all the pain and suffering. What a man of joy.

And how much do I want to be like that????


And how much have I failed?


But God is good.

On Sunday morning, I was reading my Bible before life, and it was the Psalm 127 about Solomon building the temple.

Psalm 127

1 Unless the LORD builds the house,
its builders labor in vain.
Unless the LORD watches over the city,
the watchmen stand guard in vain.

This adoption was always HIS. Duh. It will be HIS now and forever!

And then I went to church and the sermon was on unthankfulness given by a missionary who left everything at 50 years old, for the cause of Jesus. A lawyer & his wife living well, surrendering all and living in Venezuela struggling, not having 'the numbers' , just making it, but loving it.


GOD is good.

And so, if we don't make it this year, it's okay. If we are there during Christmas, it's okay. If we don't get to celebrate her birthday here January 28, that's okay.

Because GOD is good, and this is HIS.

And as our missionary said yesterday,

" Unthankfulness is a sign that says you think you deserve better then what HE has to offer."


So, thank you my precious Jesus. Help me to be more like YOU.

Friday, November 20, 2009


I give up.

I don't think we will make it to China this year. Why does it seem like EVERYBODY and their mother got their child or is on the plane THIS VERY MOMENT on their way to China to get their child?

But not us.

People who had the same basic time frame?

Yup. Back already.



We are still staring at the cellphone.

Have I mentioned that I, who would lose my phone constantly to my husband's frustration; carry it in my purse dead; leave it in the car and forget where I put it; put it in my winter coat pocket, forget it was there, it would die, and I'd be bummed until a week later I wore the same coat an found it again,dead; and once I ran over it with my truck and didn't have one for a week, and I was totally okay with that.

I, now carry it in my POCKET?????? Fully charged??? stare at it??? Hope and pray over it????



I am ready to pitch it in that nice lake we have in the neighboring town.

Yup. Maybe on the way to church on Sunday, it will fly out the window.


And HEY, Kate can call my house phone.

And leave a message.

And I'll get it whenever I happen to be home, and remember to check my answering machine.


That sounds like a GREAT idea.

I know. I am bitter.

And I need to stop.

So excuse me while I go put my cell on the charger.

Because I don't know how not to...

...sit and wait.

And hope.

And pray.

And I guess it will be okay if we don't go this year.

I guess.

This Good Day, It is a Gift From YOU

Samuel is feeling oh-so-much better.

His fever left last-night, and this morning he looks better.

But I am still making him rest, which is like trying to get Jell-o to stay on a wall. But this momma is determined to make sure he doesn't get sicker again. So I will sit on him if I have to...

And while doing chores this morning, These 3 were just standing there, looking at the sun coming through the window.

It was very sweet.

They were still in the trance when I got my camera, but when I clicked, the beagles looked at me. It's still a cute picture.

Everyday is a gift from Jesus, just, sometimes, unfortunately, we forget.

This is a good day.

Maybe I will get a phone call!!!

Thursday, November 19, 2009


Today my baby is 11.

We were suppose to celebrate his birthday in China. But because of CIS, we were back-tracked.

So instead, he is celebrating his birthday in bed. With the flu.

And his birthday party with his friends this weekend? Cancelled.

But we will reschedule the party.

And celebrate when he is better.

But we are thankful for today. For 11 years ago today he was born!!!

And it's been fantastic every since...

Monday, November 16, 2009

One, but not for much longer

Samuel is home alone. Well, not alone, but the only child in our home, for now. And as fun as he is in general, just being the only one around also makes me realize what a constant nut he is...

I have been working on the children's bedrooms lately. Purging and fixing, and making it just right. I was going through books in Samuel's room, and he as downstairs putting the dishes away.

He came upstairs and showed me his new super hero look.



This is a very typical school day. What is so odd? Um, guns in school? Hudson Taylor? How do those 2 make it together?

One day, we got home from our Tuesday night Bible study; we got to our dead end street, and it was LATE. Samuel convinced John to let him drive. What was he thinking????And what was I thinking when I was still sitting in the car while this was happening??!!?!? Why did I not stop this from happening? Why did I not jump out of the car and run for safety?

Probably because I like them.


And childhood is precious.

And memories are priceless.

So, we had our talk. We talked about how life will radically change, and how he needs to tell us when he is feeling left out. Or overwhelmed. Or frustrated. And not to let the change, change him too much.

Because, really, he sure is a delight.

Thursday, November 12, 2009


Who doesn't LOVE celebrating Christ's birth??

I mean other then non-Christians, but they are not really celebrating Christmas, they are just hanging on the coat-tails of a wonderful day.

Do you know what I was REALLY looking forward to this Christmas?

I mean other then Celebrating Christ' birth for the first time with our new baby girl...

Going to VA and doing Christmas-in-Williamsburg!!!

Oh I was so excited! I thought about it, I dreamt about it, I made plans and then remade them. Several times. I imagined the loveliness of Colonial Christmas decorated to 1770s perfection. Oh how exciting for the history fan like me!

But stupid Homeland security messed everything up!!!


And so as you may know from reading past posts, we are no longer going to be back from China before Thanksgiving. At this point we will be thrilled and thankful to be here in USA by December 23!

And so, Christmas-in-Williamsburg has been taken from us. :::sigh:::

We will have to settle, once more, for Christmas-in-NYC.

To which I shouldn't complain.

It is lovely.

Tuesday, November 10, 2009

A Shower! Can you believe it? A shower!

My friends gave me a surprise shower!

A shower!! Who ever heard of such a thing for an old lady like me? lol.

But I was so thankful for the love and support. I was delighted.

Unfortunately, I was also surprised, so I showed up with an old sweatshirt, no makeup, wore my glasses, late, and in our Outback instead of the Suburban. lol.

Women waiting for me to show up. All the food was Oriental!! :)

(click to see larger)

Finally showed up, but I sat in the corner to wait for the shaking from the shock to stop.

My family was there!! Including my oldest son, who will show up anywhere there is food.

And ANOTHER shock!! Chloe showed up for the second weekend in a row!!! Here she is holding Baby Rueben, who is my friend Faith's, who moved here from TX. She already told me she is not coming next weekend. lol. I told her not to come without Josiah next time.

Opening presents!!

This is so beautiful. It will go in her room. My friend from Taiwan got it for Elly!

A Dora potty-seat! LOL!!

And clothes! Such beautiful clothes! How I needed to fill in the gaps. God provided through our precious friends! How thankful I was/am.

John with his 2 girls....so far...

Thursday, November 5, 2009

I Promise

Today, As I was vacuuming and thinking, again, how frustrating this whole adoption thing is, and when will I be able to call John and tell him we got the call? When will we get on that plane already? When will she finally be in our arms? When will she be home and meet her forever family of older siblings, grandparents, aunts& uncles, cousins and new friends??

And all of a sudden, I tuned into the song playing on the computer.

I have been listening to Christmas music for about 3 weeks now I know, I know. But I like it, so get over it.

Anyway, Steven Curtis Chapman’s All I Really Want song came on.

I stopped and stood there thinking.

And unlike the song, I got to thinking of Elena’s mommy.

Elly's mommy.

Who gave her up. Elly's mommy who had to walk away for whatever reason. Elly's mommy who couldn’t do for her what she really wanted to. Elly's mommy who probably is thinking of her this very moment. Wondering how her little girl is doing. Who is taking care of her? And do they love her? Really love her? Does she laugh easily? Is she pensive and quiet? Is she dainty? Does she like pretty things? Is she a tom-boy? Is she smart? Is she lonely? Who is holding her? Who looks at her, and smiles?

You see, I have read all the books, researched all the facts, heard all the stories.

In China, abortion is readily available to all, for nothing but the asking. In fact, really, truth be known it is demanded.

So, think about it. All those girls were wanted. The mother who continued the pregnancy had to hide, lived in fear of discovery, hoped for the impossible.

Gave birth to this precious child.

And after 2 or 3 days had to walk away.

Because it became impossible.

And as she walked away, she probably hid to make sure someone discovered her treasure.

Today, Kate called.

Not the call I thought we were going to get telling us GET THE TICKETS!! SHE IS IN YOUR ARMS IN 2 WEEKS!

This call told me it is probably 5 - 6 more weeks.

And I cried.

And I had to return to this afternoon.

And remember.

Oh sister of my heart. The mother of my child.

I remembered, and now dear woman, I promise.

I promise to love her.
I promise to bring laughter into her heart.
I promise to hold her when she cries.
I promise to look at her.
I promise to let her explore.
I promise to bring music to her life.
I promise to let her dance, and to dance with her.
I promise to read to her.
I promise to show her God’s beautiful world.
I promise to guide her in honesty, integrity, and faith.
I promise to be faithful, even if it gets hard.
I promise to treasure her.
I promise to be there.
I promise to laugh with her.
I promise to continually bring her to the Throne, for it is the best I can do.
I promise to teach her all I know and if I don’t know it, get the resource.
I promise to delight in her antics.
I promise to teach her to love her heritage. For it is yours.
I promise to cheer her accomplishments.
I promise to cheer her on in her struggles.
I promise to make her mine, but really, she already is.

And I promise to tell her about you.

Her other mommy.

Who loved her. Loved her enough to carry her.

Who, I am sure loves her today.

And tomorrow.

And forever.

Dear woman. The other mother of my child.

I promise.

And today I cry. Because my arms ache.

As do yours.

But mine will be filled. One day. Soon.

And yours will be empty. Still.

And so dear, dear, precious woman...

I promise.

Tuesday, November 3, 2009


When, oh when is Kate going to call with our Travel Approval?

Elly's visa has already been approved and sent to the American Consulate in China. We have the letter saying so!!

Which was the last thing...

To get the TA.

Please call.

Monday, November 2, 2009

Monday monday.

I was looking at Shelby-girl this morning, and realized I just don't give her enough voice. She is such a sweet heart. She is going on 10 years old and she is the perfect dog. Unlike the beagles, she is calm and obedient. She is what we call our moving rug. She just moves from one location to another. And she hates to come inside on a nice day. She will be outside letting the wind breeze through her fur, and the sun warm her up. We about have to drag her inside.

And she loves everybody, except the alternate mailwoman. She loves our mailman just fine. But this crazy woman that comes when he is on vacation...when she comes around, Shelby turns into this crazed dog!! Anyone can come over and come in, and she would be happy to see you. But not this woman. If it didn't get us in trouble, it would be funny.

And get a load of this!!!!

My daughter, the DIE HARD Mets fan, bought a yankees hat!! A YANKEES HAT!! For Josiah, who is a yankees fan.

Still before he came along, she wouldn't even take one for free, she wouldn't even touch one. And here she is trying to block the documentaion of the HORROR...


I know.


I never did tell that to her daddy. ( read the comments) I don't think I ever will. Ever.

But we were so happy to have her home; and we missed Josiah who stayed in VA and wrote papers for school.

But now, it is Monday.