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Wednesday, May 27, 2009

Can you please stay warm around here?

All day yesterday, it was cold and damp. Maybe it felt colder because it was so damp. The highest it got up to here was about 56 degrees. At night time it went down 50. I am so tired of being cold.

Since it was a c & d day, John made a fire in the fire pit outside last night, and asked me to join him. I went out and "lovingly" suggested that maybe on such a cold damp day, he should consider making a fire in the fireplace next time. So, with his shovel, he bought the fire inside!!

Did I marry well or what???

It was so cozy doing our family devotions by the light of the fire, wrapped in blankets.

Maybe it will just as cold and damp today!


Warm weather, please stay....

Thursday, May 21, 2009


One of my best dearest friends has this son.

He is a great kid.

He & Chloe are the same age and they grew up together. And they graduated in the same class of *19* kids. (this is a big number for NJ homeschoolers)

They are like cousins. They laugh, joke, fight, that Jersey sarcasm is well grounded in both of them and they use it well...specially on each other. Though I have to say they have mellow out on that one. Slightly.

Dan is incredibly talented in many areas. And of all of them, photography, I believe, is his best.

We hired him to do the wedding, but as an engagement gift, he decided he would do their engagement pictures also.

Here are the results.

Josiah & Chloe

He graduated this year with a major in History. Go figure.lol.

Sunday, May 17, 2009


Now, I can't ever say I have never been south of DC anymore.

We took that 16 hour round trip in 3 days to VA Beach, these last few days. We went to check out my daughter's future home.

It's far.

And nobody told me about this bridge. Have I ever mentioned I don't really get along with bridges too well?


They freak me out and give me panic attacks. Sometimes John drives 20 minutes out of the way to avoid a bridge for me.

Well we had to go on this bridge that lasted FOREVER!!

Yes, it is a freaky as it looks. And thats not the worst of it. In the middle of it all, you go through this tunnel that is as wide as the width of 2 trucks and no more. TWICE. And there are 2 lanes. And you can't go slower then 45MPH. And 18 wheelers book on that thing. The opposite direction. And then you get out alive, AND YOU ARE STILL ON THE BRIDGE!

Okay, I need to move on.

Anyway, Josiah is going to law school at Regent.

When we showed up, they had the cupola off!! It was quite sad looking. But it won't be for long. I'm sure it will go back on and look as nice and stately it's suppose to...

So we went to Colonial Williamsburg. At night. As we walked by this pay phone, Samuel seriously said "What's that?" You see, there are no pay phones in NJ. They have been gone for a long time. My youngest son is part of that generation who is amazed at dumb things. Like extinct payphones.

And Chloe and Josiah at the sign. She was slightly skeeved because there were bugs on the sign. The village was really cool. I would love to go back there are explore it for days. There is so much to see!

And of course we had to go to the beach. Pose with Neptune, who looks like he is playing basketball with a turtle. But it was cool, non the less.

This is going to be my daughter and her future husband's home. I think they will enjoy it. I pray they are happy here.

Wednesday, May 13, 2009

The Skateboard

Those of you our age (early 40s) may remember the skateboard phase.

I remember begging for one for my birthday when I was 12. I got one!! It is one of the few gifts I remember getting as a kid. It was so important to me. I was so cool.

Then I grew up.

It has been DECADES since I have skateboarded.

The same cannot be said for my husband.

He and the boys doing skateboard tricks. That's Samuel in the RipStick and Noah, Josiah's little brother on the other board.

Going down the neighbor's cool driveway. This was late at night. About 10:30 - 11pm. I had the hardest time getting them to come in. It doesn't help when the "oldest kid" also begs for 10 more minutes.

Samuel finally mastered the RipStick. (My parents got it for John for his 42nd birthday. They know him well.) He had such a hard time last summer. John worked with him for weeks.

(PS notice my bleeding hearts in the back ground? They came up so nice this year!)

Maybe one day I'll get out there with them. Or with my clumsiness, maybe I should stick to taking pictures.

Friday, May 8, 2009

Smell them roses.

Its been a bit of mad dash to get school finished. Granted we won't be done until the middle of June, I want to make sure we are done. That is about 2 1/2 weeks before the wedding.

Samuel is busy reading in his most comfortable position. Notice how far away he holds his book. He gets that from his *old* mom. I can't stand wearing my reading glasses, so sometimes, being the wise guy that he is, he offers to hold the book across the table for me. Somehow, that is not as thoughtful as he is trying to make it seem. :p

Last night, the kids got themselves tickets to the Mets/Phillies game. Chloe made sure the 3 of them got to go together before she moves to VA and leaves Citifield 8+ hours behind.

Samuel made a sign. The "J" is backwards. He still does that after all these years and all that practice. And all the having to correct it everytime.. The J & the # 6. Always backwards. Huh.

There is this song that I believe is called, "They Paved Paradise and Put up a Parking Lot." In this case, they paved Shea Stadium and put up a parking lot. Sad, but true.

Since the children were out, John asked me the day before if I was up to going out on a date with him. WAS I UP TO IT?? Is he kidding?? Who would say no to that??

After my enthusiastic response, he asked me where I wanted to go. " Somewhere we have never been to before!" I was thinking Thai, Vietnamese, Portugese.

The look in his face was quite comical.

You see, he is a creature of habit.

So much so, he is predictable to a fault. His response to my suggestion was " How about a different table that we have never sat before at Friday's?"

So last night, we went to Friday's.lol. We did indeed sit at a table we have never sat at before.

But I was with my love, and who can complain?