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Wednesday, November 25, 2009

Thank YOU

Today is Thanksgiving...and there is an abundance to be thankful for...

I am going to do a short List because if I don't, this will be the longest post known to mankind.

1. I am thankful for all GOD is TRYING to teach me. I am amazed at the level HE stoops down, my level, in order to gently guide me in HIS path. And the trouble comes when I keep looking else where. Story of my life.

2. I am thankful for my husband. Another amazing thing in my life. I am thankful he is also patient with me. I think that if it wasn't me that causes him to know my every action and therefore take the extra 18 steps to achieve something, it would be funny. But it is me, and it's not so funny anymore. And I am thankful for his commitment. To his family, to his work, to his faith.

3. I am thankful for my oldest son. He was a tough nut to crack, and I thought it was my job to do it. It wasn't. So when I finally surrendered, he became such an amazing man of GOD. He is so tender hearted. And faithful. He makes me proud to be his momma. And not because I had anything to do with it, but because I had NOTHING to do with it.

4. I am thankful for my daughter. She constantly reminds me to find the joy. Not with her words, but with her actions. And she is such a neat woman, I want to be like her when I grow up. She is a thoughtful and kind wife, sister and daughter. And her commitment to GOD has been her first and foremost concern, even when she was 5. She is also the one who takes life by the horns and hangs on for the ride. Life is too short. Just do it.

5. I am thankful for my youngest son. What passion that boy has!! He reminds me of his daddy in that. He is funny, thoughtful, active, smart, passionate, tenderhearted, stubborn, and loveable. And that's not even a complete list. Actually that is just the top layer of many. Granted he is also always looking for a way to get out of school, but he grudgingly completes it. ( Thank you LORD he is smart and it doesn't take much for him to learn.)

6. I am thankful for Elly. She has been my refiner's fire of hope & faith. I don't know her yet, but I can't wait. I don't know her yet, she fills me with joy. I don't know her yet, but she is mine.

7. I am thankful for Josiah. I can't even imagine what my daughter's husband would be like when she was growing up. I knew he had to be someone strong and yet kind. A dreamer, yet solid as a rock. Someone who loved to play, but was responsible. Someone who could laugh and delight in her antics, but bring her back to life in a tender way that she could trust. Someone who had feet of clay, but a heart of gold. I could say she found him, but she didn't. GOD brought him to her in HIS way, in HIS time, and to HIS glory. Yup. He is not perfect, but boy, is he perfect for her. I can't believe how much I have grown to love this young man. Yup, I am thankful.

8. I am thankful for homeschooling. It is a blessing I fought against with all my might. Thankfully I failed and HE pour out the joy. It has been hard and wonderful. I quit so many times, I lost count 15 years ago. But HE is faithful, and I am thankful. I have learned so much, not just academically, but spiritually, emotionally, and yes even physically.

9. I am thankful for my family. My big, fat, hispanic family. Yes, we are in each others business, all the time. Yes, there were times when I wish I lived in New Zealand. Yes, there are times when I wanted to wring someone's neck. Yes, there are times when I thought they were all crazy and I must have been adopted. ( HAHAHA) Yes, there are time when I want to cry with frustration. Yes, the laughter comes freely and often. But that is what happens when the love and caring flows freely and often. And in the end, I wouldn't trade it for the world.

10. I am thankful for my friends. These are the people who watch my meltdowns, hear my complaints, wonder about my sanity, make me take a break, cry with me, laugh with me, give me the *look*, push me beyond my comfort zone, make me get out when I am too depressed, think that I have something to offer, give me hope, and sometimes just sit with me. God knew what HE meant when he said we needed someone. Not just a spouse, but a friend.

11. I am thankful for my home. I am not a big fan of our home, but I sure am thankful for it. And it is slowly growing on my after YEARS. There are so many memories here. It is a blessing and when I think of all we have here, I a thankful. Thankful for the warmth, the comfort, and the ability to pay the next mortgage payment.

12. I am thankful for my life. It is not the way I planned it, but I think if it went the way I planned it, it would stink.

There are many more things I am thankful for, but I need to start baking.

I am thankful for you, if you actually got to this point!! I pray GOD's blessing on you this holy-day season. Stick close to HIM, and hang on tight!