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Tuesday, November 10, 2009

A Shower! Can you believe it? A shower!

My friends gave me a surprise shower!

A shower!! Who ever heard of such a thing for an old lady like me? lol.

But I was so thankful for the love and support. I was delighted.

Unfortunately, I was also surprised, so I showed up with an old sweatshirt, no makeup, wore my glasses, late, and in our Outback instead of the Suburban. lol.

Women waiting for me to show up. All the food was Oriental!! :)

(click to see larger)

Finally showed up, but I sat in the corner to wait for the shaking from the shock to stop.

My family was there!! Including my oldest son, who will show up anywhere there is food.

And ANOTHER shock!! Chloe showed up for the second weekend in a row!!! Here she is holding Baby Rueben, who is my friend Faith's, who moved here from TX. She already told me she is not coming next weekend. lol. I told her not to come without Josiah next time.

Opening presents!!

This is so beautiful. It will go in her room. My friend from Taiwan got it for Elly!

A Dora potty-seat! LOL!!

And clothes! Such beautiful clothes! How I needed to fill in the gaps. God provided through our precious friends! How thankful I was/am.

John with his 2 girls....so far...


Kathy C. said...

Oh wow! What a beautiful surprise! :) Of course you needed a shower - you are adding a child to your family, and it's not like you have any leftover "little girl stuff" handy. :)
Oh, blessings my dear friend!

Chloe Victoria said...

of course you needed a shower! :)

remember what Mrs. D said: "They don't give grandma showers!" ;)

GreenPunkMama said...

With so many people who love you and your family how could you *not* have a shower! :) I hope it filled in the odds and ends you needed, now just lots of prayers that you'll have Elly soon!