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Monday, November 2, 2009

Monday monday.

I was looking at Shelby-girl this morning, and realized I just don't give her enough voice. She is such a sweet heart. She is going on 10 years old and she is the perfect dog. Unlike the beagles, she is calm and obedient. She is what we call our moving rug. She just moves from one location to another. And she hates to come inside on a nice day. She will be outside letting the wind breeze through her fur, and the sun warm her up. We about have to drag her inside.

And she loves everybody, except the alternate mailwoman. She loves our mailman just fine. But this crazy woman that comes when he is on vacation...when she comes around, Shelby turns into this crazed dog!! Anyone can come over and come in, and she would be happy to see you. But not this woman. If it didn't get us in trouble, it would be funny.

And get a load of this!!!!

My daughter, the DIE HARD Mets fan, bought a yankees hat!! A YANKEES HAT!! For Josiah, who is a yankees fan.

Still before he came along, she wouldn't even take one for free, she wouldn't even touch one. And here she is trying to block the documentaion of the HORROR...


I know.


I never did tell that to her daddy. ( read the comments) I don't think I ever will. Ever.

But we were so happy to have her home; and we missed Josiah who stayed in VA and wrote papers for school.

But now, it is Monday.

1 comment:

Chloe Victoria said...

I love Shelby girl! :)

And me buying him a hat just goes to show HOW MUCH I love him. Obviously, for me to go to lengths like that, it is A LOT!