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Thursday, October 29, 2009

Support group

Hi, my name is madeleine, and I *used to be* a Phillies fan.


I feel like it was some horrible thing I had committed way back when, when I was young; being a Phillies fan. I remember the World Series back in '93 and how I cried when Mitch Williams pitched with 2 outs, 2 strikes, bottom of the 9th and they had it in the bag. And the Blue Jays hit a home run.

I cried.

I married a Mets fan, and then proceeded to give birth to Mets fans. Yes, my family is one big mass of die hard Mets fanatics. All of them. And I have no doubt, when Elly steps off the plane and hits US soil, she will be wearing Mets something, to show her true colors, whether she likes it or not.

Football is my passion, but I like baseball. I enjoy a good game. Usually with teams I like. First being the Mets,second the Red Sox.

( and don't tell my family, but I will still cheer for the Phillies)


Unless they are playing the Mets or Red Sox.

Fair enough, right???

Last night's game...



Becky said...

We were pretty thrilled around here too :)

Chloe Victoria said...
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Chloe Victoria said...

Oh dear mother. Never did I think I would see the day when a PHILLIES picture would come up and smack me in the face from my own mother's blog! What a sad and pitiful delusion you have found yourself in, believing that anything good can come out of that city. Dad did you a favor by bringing you into the light, and yet you run back into the darkness with open arms.

I will pray for you.

Chloe Victoria said...

Oh and by the way, it was a horrible thing you did way back then. But I suppose you really didn't know any better then, and all if forgiven. :)

Chloe Victoria said...

oh and by the way, I still love you :)