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Monday, November 16, 2009

One, but not for much longer

Samuel is home alone. Well, not alone, but the only child in our home, for now. And as fun as he is in general, just being the only one around also makes me realize what a constant nut he is...

I have been working on the children's bedrooms lately. Purging and fixing, and making it just right. I was going through books in Samuel's room, and he as downstairs putting the dishes away.

He came upstairs and showed me his new super hero look.



This is a very typical school day. What is so odd? Um, guns in school? Hudson Taylor? How do those 2 make it together?

One day, we got home from our Tuesday night Bible study; we got to our dead end street, and it was LATE. Samuel convinced John to let him drive. What was he thinking????And what was I thinking when I was still sitting in the car while this was happening??!!?!? Why did I not stop this from happening? Why did I not jump out of the car and run for safety?

Probably because I like them.


And childhood is precious.

And memories are priceless.

So, we had our talk. We talked about how life will radically change, and how he needs to tell us when he is feeling left out. Or overwhelmed. Or frustrated. And not to let the change, change him too much.

Because, really, he sure is a delight.


Kathy C. said...

Madeleine, from what I can tell about your family, Samuel will have no trouble adjusting. I guess what I mean, is that he has such caring, open parents that he will most likely feel comfortable telling you if he is having any troubles. You seem like great parents,...I'm looking so forward to the arrival of your new family member...almost as if I was right next door, LOL. ;)

Chloe Victoria said...


He is a good kid.

And kitchen man? That's a new one. I'm sure Dad will be quite distressed the Hugger Man hasn't made his comeback yet. But I guess you can't make a comeback if you haven't been anywhere, LOL.