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Friday, March 2, 2012

March(ing) On!

We got the chicks!

We got a phone call ( from the post office) at 3:17am.

Which seems semi-criminal.

ANYWAY, this little one was looking like she was not going to make it.  She was lethargic and very loopy, not able to stand well.  Samuel pretty much nursed her and took care of her for a while, even though it was 4am.

She is doing very well now!  Spunky, really.  He has a particular affection to her.  He named her Beanie.  Probably because she is runt-like and looked like a little bean.

The girls are doing fantastic, and the children are loving every part of it.  They have named most of them.  There is Beanie, Nelly, Carla & Elliott, India, one that is being refered to as 'v for vendetta' because she has a v on her forehead.  

Mind you, we have never seen the movie.  Don't even know what it's about for that matter. Still somehow it doesn't seem like we should be naming her that.  Even though it is starting to become second nature to say, " Hey V for Vendetta, come get some feed.". :p

Elena knows she has the job of feeding them once they go outside.  OH!  and gathering the eggs.  She is ready.  Granted the gathering eggs will not happen for another 5 months or so. lol.  But the feeding part she is taking quite seriously.

We are getting 4 Plymouths soon.


My father came over yesterday and pretty much told us we are crazy.

He is right of course.

But GOD is good.  And we are joy-filled.

Last weekend, we had a get together with friends.  It was a hoot.  It was 5 couples and for the first time in my life, we were the oldest couple in the room!! What is that??!!??!

Anyway, we played The Newlywed Game.

I thought since we were married the longest, we were a shoe-in to win.

Sadly, we had the lowest score at the end of the night.

But the laughs!!  Oh to have great and Godly friends. 

HE is good to us.  Even when life is hard and sad and seems hopeless, let us turn our face like a flint towards HIM, and HE will give us rest.

       Rest on the Lord and wait patiently for HIM; Psalm 37:7a  NASB

1 comment:

Janet and Kevin said...

They are just too cute - your children and the chicks!

Looking forward to reading more about your chicken raising. I just ran into lady from our homeschool co-op who raises them as well. Maybe it is a sign for us to get some, too!

janet and gang