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Tuesday, March 6, 2012

Kirk and the Cavewoman.

I must live in a cave.

Which to tell you the truth, is okay most of the time.

This morning I woke up and actually read some news, and was pleasantly shocked that someone took a good stand.

Then I followed the backlash, and I knew he has said something right.  

Because see...the world has taken it's claws out and ripped this man apart.  For HIS sake.

"If the world hates you, you know that it has hated Me before it hated you.  John 15:18

While watching the interview, I really loved the part when he said, "HEY!!  I am a great sinner, first in line in need of a forgiveness/a Saviour."


I think us talking about GOD is such a crux for people.  They call us judgemental and exclusive.  When really all we want to do is live a good and holy life.  And that includes caring enough about someone to call it like it is.

It also  means finding the joy and loving our neighbors, and our enemies.

But people mix loving with permissiveness.  Contrary to popular belief, they are NOT the same.

If my son stole something from someone and I found out about it, you better believe I will tell him how that is wrong and not only does it affect him, his character, his life, his morals, his future,   but also those around him, starting with the person that he stole said money/object from, down to some of his friends, who though they may not have been anywhere near the situation, now will find him not trust worthy, selfish and not reall good friend material.

Am I wrong in stating Truth?

I suppose some will say truth is relative.

What if it made him happy ( isn't life about being happy??!?) to steal because he could get all he wants without working hard??  Would it be okay then?

And there in lies the problem with this world, this nation, this generation's church.

If my daughter was running and she ran into the street, I would most likely yell in fear and panic, hoping she would stop before something bad happened. It is my warning to stop and come back to safety.

See, most Christians see stating the Truth as a warning.  When people don't want to hear it, they scream JUDGEMENTAL.  But the difference is, judgement hates the person.  We don't hate the people. Warning hates the sin.  It loves the people enough to care and ...well...warn. 

(And believe it or not, you will find most Christians have homosexual friends or aquaintences which whom they get along quite well.)

Some will say I am pushing my standards on people.  They are not mine.  They are GOD's.  

Well what if they are not Judeo/Christian.

GOD does not need your belief to exsist.

HE is GOD.

And HE will be GOD forever.

( Please know when I say Judeo/Christian, I mean those who desire GOD's will in their lives, seek HIM and seek to serve HIM knowing in the end, life really is NOT about us; not those who use GOD as a reason to be creepy, mean and hateful. )

P.S. Totally random.  Last night we went to go do some shopping at Costco, and as we turned down the laundry detergent aisle, ( not to buy just cutting across) Elena to a big whiff and said, " Hey everybody...smell!!!"  John in turned asked her what she was smelling.  And she said she didn't know.  So he asked her what it smelled like.

She said..."  It smells like...basement."  lol. 


Lauren said...

TOTALLY agree with everything you posted!!!!!!

Janet and Kevin said...

Great post!

janet and gang