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Tuesday, February 28, 2012

She is my youngest baby girl(for now) and she is starting to look so old.  She no longer has that toddler face she had when she first came.

I know, I know...to be expected.

But still...

He has heard me talk of cocnuts from El Salvador that when he saw some at the store, he begged to have the same experince.

How could I say no??!!?

He actually finished most of the coconut milk between last night and this morning.  He didn't know if he liked it or not, but he finished it anyway.

Now... to eat the coconut meat!!!

Look at what the guys in my famly fininshed last night!

The directions said, as told by the designer, AKA my husband:

Add chicks.

It has been decide by my son and myself, that should we ever need surgery, we will not be using the services of this child.  I think she just about killed the batteries in one sitting.

But she sure is having fun. lol.

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