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Monday, March 12, 2012

Mellow Yellow

Elena takes swim lessons.  It is her favorite thing... ever.

After church and irish dance lessons.

My parents bought her these goggles.

And she wore them ALL.GORIOUS.DAY.

And when her face got tired, she slid them on top of her head and rested them there as thought they were sunglasses.  Until her face felt good again.

Her brother was mortified.

The self-same brother who used to go to the supermarket/costco/target/wherever in his Buzzlight Year or Batman full costume, and truly believe everyone thought he was Buzzlight Year/Batman.

The self-same kid who gave himself a haircut and when he was done, he looked like he got into a fight with a beaver.  And the beaver won.  Yes, there was bald-scalp spots.  And he walked around like he was a master stylist.

Anyway, yellow goggles are just the bee's knees.

And if you understood that expression, would you please explain it to me?

The coop is coming along.  Slowly but surely.  

And while the men work, a little peanut and a Bunny Bear enjoy life on the trampoline.  Dont' worry, she doesn't jump hard enough to move him.  Actually when he is in there, it is mostly rolling around. He is quite safe with her in there.

Look at my Daisy-girl.  Her face is getting white!!!!  She is graying at a much faster rate than Rufus.  Even though they are only a month apart, she looks older.

I keep saying it is because she is a mess.  She is the irish dog, as opposed to Ruffy, who is the hispanic dog.  One is all wired and too much energy fo their own good.  And the other one loves life, loves to eat, loves to hang out, loves to sleep.

I will let you figure out who is who.

 Back to the coop.  Samuel got his first thumb pounding.  

He did not enjoy it as much as he thought he should.  His older brother empathized with a smile.  Because truly, it would be just mean to laugh out loud at him.  No matter how hard it was not to do it.

This past weekend, I went to our annual 'welcome to the community garden, again' meeting.

Organic gardeners are crazy.  I want to be an organic gardener.  

Will I be crazy, too?


I think I will be immune, or at least it will look like that because I am already crazy.  In a good kind of way.

But there are some people I have met who would melt or burst into flames if they ate a potato chip.


I am all into being healthy, organic and probiotic.  But macro people are scary.

No joke.

But other than their eating/green habits, they are super nice.

And flacky, too.  :)

I like flacky.


organic garden...check


raw milk...check

organic meat...checking

One last thought:

There is a reason why people call people who panic at the drop of a hat 'chicken'.

And I TOTALLY get it now.

These chickens are truly...chicken.  LOL

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