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Friday, March 23, 2012


Sometimes I wonder what makes an American behave so very...unAmerican.

Mostly is has to do with the direction our nation is going.

I am a registered Republican, but lean way more Independent.

I am HOPING that Ron Paul does not get nomimated for the Republican Party, so he can run Independent and not have to monkey of the party pressure on his back.  I will vote for him regardless, even if I have to write his name in the ballot.

But to be/vote Democrat in this day & age makes me wonder...where were you in history class??!!??  Did you pass??!?!?

There was once a time when Democrats, though not my leaning, were, relatively decent people.  The JFK era of dems and before were by far more concerned about being a good nation for the people and acting accordingly, than the modern day Republicans, who would like to think themselves 'conservative'. Conservative?  According to whom?  Chavez? Arafat, maybe?

I read this article recently, and part of me cannot believe this happended in the good old USofA. Please click and stand amazed.  And experience the heartbreak of the control freaks of nature living in full their personal glory of power, in the mean time destroying everything that is good and right about this nation.


My question is...why was this not on every news channel in America?

Why is there no anger and disbelief?

Why are people not talking about this?  Making sure it doesn't happen again?  Ever?

Have we stopped fighting for our freedoms?  Have we become so lazy, selfish and fat in our lives ( and I don't mean weight) that we just don't care about our children's future?  We are living for ourselves and ourselves alone?

Have we let entertainment rule our thought life, instead of just being entertained, and walk away from that and really educate ourselves in truth?

Have we forgotten our responsibility to our fellow man?

...I think so...

When did we stop thinking?

Where are the watchmen on the wall?

Will you consider going against the flow...looking past the moment into the future, and not stand for the present path?

Even if you get mocked and laughed at.

Because let me tell you, getting mocked and laughed at is...ok.  It helps grow some think skin and lets things move forward.  It helps cowards become lions.  And it helps the weak move and become true.

I stand on a lot of Biblical moral ground; but you don't even have to do that to see the horror of the reality.  You just have to look through your natural eyes to start to see.  Think it through.  With an open heart.

Most people today are not teachable.  It is a shame.  Sometimes they even know they are wrong, but pride gets in the way.

And we are all paying for it.

Is it worth it?

The end of this crummy story has a good ending.

I am glad someone stood up and said ENOUGH.

This time, they won.

Let us continue the fight...for our children's sake.

For our grandchildren's sake.

For our nation's future.

If you don't agree...GOD bless you.  And may you find peace in the midst of life.  I cannot even get angry at it.  You are a product of your surroundings.   But I will continue to fight the battle for your sake.  For your freedom not to care or to choose not to see.  It is your right.  Today.

2 Chronicles 7:14-15.

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