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Friday, March 16, 2012

Torture and a new home!!

On Sunday, I will once again, torture myself.

The last time I did this, it looked like this:

Yes, we both finished.  It was my daughter's first marathon, and my first 1/2.

NOW, I know exactly how horrible it is, and I just don't know why I am doing it again.  I am slightly freaked and nervous.  Fine, I am terrified.  

Ignorance is bliss.

And I have seriously considered backing out. More than once.


I am fundraising this time around.

SO, no backing out.

In other news, remember when we got our chicks ( who by the way are doing great!) and mixed in was a rooster?

And he just has to go?

We found him a new home!!!

Chester is moving to Florida.


When I told John he has a new home in FL, he was slightly freaked out about sending him USPS over night to some random place far far away.

He should know me better than that.   Sheesh.

Rebekah is going down to the YWAM base in FL, she is taking him and he and the unnamed chick are going to be missionary chickens.  

How cool is that??!!?
I will miss him because he is such a sweet boy.  Everytime I open the brooder, he jumps up on the ledge and checks out the scenery, making sure everything is okay for the girls.

And he is cuddler.


I will miss him.

He will be traveling with one of the New Hampshire Reds.  Chickens are pack animals and they will get depressed and sad and lonely if there is only one.  Hence, the reason I am going to send another one with him.  It is at least a 2 day drive and that is along time to be alone for a chicken.  For some reason, we never named this particular chick.  We were never inspired.

Now I know why.

OH, and the other chicks' names?

The Rhode Islabd Reds are:
Carla & Elliot

The New Hampshire Reds are:
Nelly ( who is huge)

The Plymouth Barred:
( they are the Shakeperean chicks)

And the random one who we still have no idea what she is:
( she was a day or two old and she is such a flyer there was no other name that fit. lol.)

And of course...Chester, who is a Plymouth Barred, too.

Anyway, they are all starting to feather.  They are crazy huge, and the dogs love them.  Sometimes just stare at them with such curiosity.

The cats, on the other hand... they are looking for a small entrance somewhere, they jump on top and hope for the best.

They are bummed.

SO, off to pack and get ready to kiss that baby's face tonight.  He is just SO  beautiful, I can't stand it.

PS Please pray for my knees.


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