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Tuesday, March 13, 2012

give away!!! And ding dongs.

Stephanie, over at Keeper of The Home is having a super cool giveaway!!!  A Filtration system!!

Seriously, this system is so cool.

I remember once, late at night, maybe it was late- late night.  Maybe it iwas even bordering on early-early morning, I got up and started watching tv.  Have you ever watched tv that late/early?


You were wise in your decision.

Anyway, it is just chuck full of infomercials.  Painful, crazy, ridiculous informercials.

And it is so darn late and you are so darn tired, they ALL sound fantastic!!!

I have yet to buy something from said infomercials, but I had been mighty tempted.

ANYWAY, back to the subject.  In one of these commercials, I remember it was for a filtration system.  I remember one of the things that the guy said.  He said, " If you don't have a filter for your water, you ARE the filter for your water."

That stayed with me.  From about 20 years ago.

We have a Brita.  Nothing fancy or deluxe, just a basic water filter I got at Bed, Bath and Beyond.  With my 20% coupon.

Samuel is the only one who could just drink from the faucet.  He said...nothing doing, it is fine and all in your head.  SO, I let it go.

He started drinking the filtered water a few weeks ago, just random-like.

He drank some water out of the faucet this week, and spit it back out into the sink.


Now he gets it.

Which brings me to another interesting thing.

(Not really, but I need a segway and this is good enough)

We were at Trader Joe's this afternoon.  Trader Joe's is like Target, in that I go in for a few things, and come out with way more than I thought I needed.

Well, today was one of those days.  In all fairness, our cupboards were looking quite sad.

After loading the car, Samuel sat next to me and asked me if he could get a snack out of one of the bags. I got some good snacks, like organic granola and organic fruit bars, and organic ...you get the point.  And of course, some Joe Joes.  If you have never had TJ Joe Joes, you are TRULY missing out.

Seriously.  Stop reading this blog and go get some.  If it is late, go anyway and sit in your car until they open.

ANYWAY, I said sure.  He runs to the back of the wagon, and comes back with...

a banana.

I couldn't belive it!!

I chuckled and said "  That is so amazing, seeing as when your father was your age, he would not have considered a banana a snack.  Maybe some Ding Dongs or Ho Hos."

To which he responded, " What are they?"

And now, someone needs to come over and pat me on the back.

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