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Friday, February 24, 2012

A Week in the Life

The seeds are doing well!!!

The big shoots are all the squashes for us, but really for that little boy.

And I finally got my water kifers. ( inside the glass jar)  I have been waiting for them to come in.  I already have a few families who want some once mine reproduce.  Which doesn't take very long.

See my bullet?  It is awesome!  My son is not a fan of breakfast.  But he will have a smoothie for breakfast.  So I make it using greek yogurt which has almost 2x the amount of protein than regualr yogurt has, I add some berries, and loads of raw organic spinach.  Add a little agave to sweeten it, because after all he is 13, and it is good to go.

First time I made it, I neglected to tell him about the spinach until after he slurpped it up. 

He didn't appreicate it as much as I thought he would, but after admitting that he liked it and didn't even notice the spinach, he has agreed to keep drinking it. 

In fact, he asked if I couldjust put all his greens in it so it is less painful. lol.

I went with my experienced chicken raising friend to get my supplies yesterday.  We went to the Tractor Supply Co.  Can I just say, I never knew we had such a redneck store in NJ.   And it was only 40 minutes from my house!!  I know this is a snobby and ignorant statement. But since I hang around my area, which is mostly city suburbia, or NYC,  I tend to be country ignorant more often than not.

I wish this place was more normal for me.

Anyway, here is my son and her daughter holding chickens.  Um, stuffed animal chickens.  It is not THAT redneck.

My babies.  Their sister is coming soon!  We got our 1-600 approval!!  Now we are talking weeks until she comes!!

John loves chocolate.

Until this little girl came along, he was the only one.

Here she is with her chocolate smile. lol.

Playing Hello Kitty bingo.  She likes to play with him becausehe is nice.  I am too competitive. Pray for me.

Beautiful girl cooking.  Her favorite thing EVER.  My mom got her a whole box full of play cooking supplies.  She willm ake you anything you want from muffins to sandwhiches to ice cream to anything.

PUZZLES! Someone in this house loves puzzles. She insists they should be considered part of her school.  Not a bad idea.

Life is good.  And GOD is great and worthy.  Of everything.

Live it out for HIM!!

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