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Monday, February 27, 2012

New Week, New Opportunities

I was reading this blog this morning.  It just so happened that I was also reading 2Cor. 11-13.

Which could be tied together and be incredibly encouraging!

Why am I so darn lukewarm?

What am I afraid of?  Rejection?  No, not really.  I have been rejected enough in my life that it kind of rolls off.  And even though it still hurts sometimes, I realize it is not worth not doing something because someone is going to reject you.

Some one is ALWAYS willing to reject you.

Is it fear of being considered radical?

Nope.  The overcoming of that fear started back when we started homeschooling.  WAY back ago when no one had heard of it, and people thought you were a hippie or anti-social.

When really, all we were trying to do was be obedient to HIS calling. Sheesh.

And my family already thinks I am whacked in the head ( radical) and treats me accordingly.  Sadly enough, I do not share with them so much, because the rejection and being thought of a whack in the head got old.  Bummer because I miss being close enough to share our victories and defeats and still laugh and love.

Oh well, moving on...

Is it because I am lazy?  By George, that may be it!!


Ok, so since I am too lazy in my faith...what is the solution?

A swift kick in the rear?  What would that entail?

I met someone recently who had such joy.  Joy in life, and allow me to tell you that she has had crazy-as-all-get-out situations I wouldn't wish on anyone.  But inspite of it, she lives it out.  Because HE is hers and she is HIS.


That is what I want.

That is where I am going.

Through the tears that will most certainly come with it, through the struggles that are a guarantee, through the joys of the journey that are your heartbeats.

Lazy butt faith...you need to go.

I need to surround myself with those who are willing to walk.  I need to care about those who are not, but not hang out there with them so much that lukewarm becomes my middle name.


Random moment:

Chickens can come TOMORROW!!!

Granted Wednesday is their due date, they warned us that they may be a day early.

Here is to hoping Wednesday is still the right date.  :P lol.

Catch you later.

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