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Thursday, February 16, 2012

ADD at it's Its Best

She got LOADS of craft things for her birthday, and she loves loves loves it!

When people asked what to get her, I said, crafts things and school stuff/workbooks.

It would NEVER occur to me to say ANYthing 'school' for Samuel.

But she loves them.  She can never do enough school.  When she is done for the day, she has a look on her face like her life is over.


So we pull out a craft, and she comes back to life. lol.

So, Eagle & Giants fans can co-exsist.

Go figure!

We are getting more ready for...

12 - 13 more days until those chicks come. 

It is nerving and exciting.  And I may or may not be in denial.
Ok fine. I am.

But I am ready.


I think I will make this for dinner tonight.  I have seen the recipe for a long time, but never made it.

Maybe with some pita??

Anyway, I am starting a 2 week meal plan. I am so darn tired of trying to figure out what to make every-glorious-day that morning.

After 27 years of thinking of something everyday, I am tired.

I will only think of it 2x amonth!

Really, it is something I should have done 26 years ago.

Better late than never! :)

Tomorrow, we go to VA Beach to go see this amazingly beautiful baby boy.  And I CANNOT WAIT!!!!

It has been too long.

2 months is way.too.long.

And HEY! 

I need to declutter our bedroom.


It is a little overwhelming, but I have no one to blame but myself.

I married a minimalist neat nut.

Everything is there is my fault.

It really is.


But I will do it when I get back from kissing cheeks and little toes.  And maybe that beautiful neck.  :)


Steve Finnell said...

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Lori said...

Aww! So glad you get to see your sweet little grand-pumpkin!! :)

Oh, and Lucy LOVES crafts and school stuff too! I love that.

Have a safe and DELIGHTFUL trip!