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Tuesday, February 21, 2012

Feeling Like a Million Dollars. Or At Least A Dollar Fifty.

We get our first raw milk delivery this Friday!

Why am I so excited, since I don't even drink milk?  Well, probably because I don't drink milk and don't have to taste it. lol  But also, because my kids DO drink milk and now it will actually be good for them!!

After doing my milk research, I couldn't wait to go raw.  Ew.  That statement skeeves me out, until I re-remind myself I DON'T DRINK MILK, then I am ok, again.

We were in VA Beach this past weekend visiting a beautiful baby boy who happens to be my grandson. It is a 7 hour trip one way. TOTALLY WORTH IT.  It was wonderful to see him and kiss him and hold him, rock him and watching him crack up.

I just can't get enough of it.

But what I really like just as much, is seeing what a good mommy my daughter has turned out to be.  That little boy is such a happy baby, so secure in her love for him.  It does this momma's heart good.

I also loved seeing how in additon to nursing, she makes all his food organically, how she is using cloth diapers without out thought, takes care of her family and seens so happy.

GOD is good.

Mind you she is still my Jersey girl and all that comes with that.

But that is another story for another day. lol.

I have lost some weight.

Isn't it a bummer when you lose weight...BUT YOU CANT TELL??!!??!

It is.  Trust me.

It is looking like our Congonese daughter may be here soon!  At least by Spring.  WOO-HOO!

I will most likely be going to Congo by myself.  It is financially hard for both of us to go, both in the fact that since John owns his own company, if he doesn't work there is no income coming in, and then the expenses of actually going.

By some miracle ( it could happen) there may still be a chance that we maybe able to get an escort.  But I am no longer counting on it.

GOD is good.

Off to the next project!

And PS, the seed started coming up!  The kids are excited to see them, and I love seeing HIS miracles at work.  I will post pictures later.

OH! And PSS  Chicks come in 8 days!!

What was I thinking??


jiyoshin242 said...

This is amazing news. so.. impressive
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Janet and Kevin said...

You are too funny, lady! :) I love your experiments into "farming" - hope all goes well. I am beginning to hear of many people raising their own chickens. I will be interested in following your adventures with it.

So excited your daughter could be coming home soon!!!!!!!!!!

janet and gang