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Monday, February 6, 2012

A Weekend to Remember.

It has been an intense weekend.

I do not wish this kind of weekend on ANYONE.

Staring with:

My husband & my son went skiing on Friday.  Last year my son came to me and told me he was a good enough skier that he did not need to wear a helmet anymore.  He is right.  He is a great skier.

So I made a deal with him

I told him he didn't have to wear a helpmet, unless he wanted to ski.  Ski = helmet.  No helmet = no skiing.

He was not amused, which worked out ok because it wasn't for his amusement.  It was for his life.

He got into a bad accident Friday.  I mean so bad, he still doesn't remember what happened.  Actually no one knows what happened.  His whole right side of his body is bruised, and his brand-spanking new helmet is scratch ALL OVER with no rhyme or reason.

He has a bad concussion.  He is getting his short term memory back slowly but surely.  Thankfully.

You could tell him something and 1 minute later, he had no idea what you had said anything to him.  He only remembers the hospital and the CT scan from OUR memory, from telling him over and over again.

NOW he is starting to remember alsmot everything.

Except that whole day.  And the accident. And the hospital. And even the ride home from PA.

And a few pockets here and there he forgets temporarily.  Like when he called his sister.  Later he asked me if he talked to her.  But couldn't remember what they said.  He remembered the conversation last night.

Scary-stuff, let me tell you.

Then of course, not as stressful, but nail-biting worhty:

The Super Bowl.

These 2 teams wreck havoc on my heart.  The Giants is my 2nd favorite team.  The Patriots is my daughter's and husband's team.

Plus when they get together to play, they make sure you are at the edge of your seat freaking out.

They didn not disappoint in that aspect.


I feel bad for my other 1/2 of the family.  Chloe, Samuel & John were all about the Patriots.  Lance, Elena & I were all over the Giants.

I guess Audrey will break the tie.

Poor child.  Such pressure.   :P

Today starts a new week.  A thankful my son is alive and no serious damage was done.  Thankful everyone is healthy.  Thankful GOD is supreme and holy and master and King.

Where would I be without HIM?  Without my friends & family who went to HIS throne on our behalf.  Not just for the technical healing, but also the peace that passes all understanding.

I would be a mess.

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