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Thursday, February 2, 2012


Well, a few months ago, I started using essential oils for, well, just about as much as I could for anything that came along.

See...every year, Samuel gets a wicked ugly flu, at least once if not 2x during the winter months.  I mean, 105 fever, passed out sick as a dog , his muscles feeling like mush, and his bones like jelly, and wishing he wouldn't have to wake up until it was all over, a week or so later.

One year he got the swine flu.  Yes he did.  It was scary as all get out.

Oh, allow me to mention that Elena also got several colds every winter, and once got her brother's flu.

So this year, I armed myself with oils and started the battle against toxic bacteria.

I infused Thieves when ever someone came over, or when I started to get a cold so no one else would catch it. ( It barely lasted, and I remembered to start using the oils as soon as I got sick.)

To date, no one has gotten sick.


We have also being using other oils very successfully as well, for a myriad of other things that have come along. The medicine cabinet is looking quite different these days.

On this journey, I also started researching going more natural.  Granted we decided to get the chickens back in mid-november, and that was going to be the extent of nature in our home, or so I thought, well, as time has marched on, I now have gotten rid of all the toxic cleaning products in our home.

I can't believe the poisons I was bringing into our home!!

I also can't believe how well my homemade stuff works!!    (Can I use the word CHEAP here, too??!!?  :D )

I ran over to the library and educated myself with loads of books.

I am slightly stunned at at the ignorance that is rampant in the country.  Myself included.  All I have to do was barely scratch the surface, and BAM, the amount of information out there is astounding!

We always buy organic eggs and milk.  These products are hormonal to begin with, only the give it more than plenty of  synthetic and not for human consumption use hormones, but given to cows,  to mess up your system.  Well, the chickens will take care of the eggs, so now I know exactly how healthy and natural our eggs are.

And now, I found a raw milk place.  Right here in Jersey!!  Grass fed, free range cows, that we can go visit if we want to. ( I think I will pass, though it might make a fun field trip.) ( maybe)  We don't drink alot of milk.  And I discovered how store bought milk has stopped being milk at all!  Even the organic stuff.  It is the cause of so many intestinal problems.  People are not lactose intolerant, they are processed milk intolerant, which in turn messes up their digestive system.

I realize that yes, some of this stuff is a little more expensive than their on-the-supermarket-shelves counter part, but in the end I am spending less money on medical bills.   And everyone is healthier.  Not just physically, but mentally, too.  Yes, indeed, so many of these things affect your neuro-system.

Am I going off the deep end?

Nah.  I am just trying to take better care of my family.  And if that is going off the deep end, then by all means give me a hard push.

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