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Saturday, January 28, 2012

How TimeFlies When You are Having Fun.

Two years ago today was the first time we got to celebrate Elena's birthday!

We had just come back from China 2 weeks before and it was her 3rd birthday!!  She didn't know us, the language, culture, reason for us singing to her, and wasn't sure about the whole thing. She didn't even know what to do with presents.   She didn't know what they were.  John had to teach her how to open them.

She was such a peanut.

When she turned 4, she had had a whole year of watching the wonderful phenomenom happen to all her friends and family members, and couldn't wait to enjoy her turn.

And she did.

Today, she is 5!! 

And she is so BIG!  Even if she is my baby-for-now.  Oh how she has grown.  She towers over kids her own age, or older.  ( So much for the theory that Chinese people are petite) She will probably be taller than me.

Happy Birthday Peanut.  

I just LOVE to see you discover life.  You can't seem to get your fill in knowledge or play.

Kind of like your daddy.  <3

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