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Friday, August 13, 2010


We are leaving tomorrow.

Nope, not on a jet plane.  In the truck.

And on a ferry.

And it would be oh so much easier if it was a plane. lol.

This week has been one thing after another.  My son has to move out of his apartment before we leave.  He is dumping his stuff in our basement.  I mean he is storing it.  Storing it.

And then when we come back, he will either move to another apartment or move to VT.

Our daughter and son in love will get here about midnight tonight from VA Beach.  To sleep and then get in the truck.

We are taking Joey with us this year.  Samuel will have a buddy to play with and they can entertain each other.

Hopefully they won't kill each other.

Don't forget to go for the giveaway!!!!

And I will see you when we get back!


Janet and Kevin said...

it does sound like you are busy this week! Hope your vacation is restful and fun!!

Janet and gang

Beth Zimmerman said...

Have a wonderful getaway! Looking forward to pictures and stories when you return!

Josh Healy said...

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