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Monday, August 23, 2010

This Weekend I... & winner!

Becky, who made her way from a hot state, to a cold state, via and not so hot, but still hot state, has some amazing stories to tell!   So go over and join us all as we share in some cool tellings!

( in NO order, because I have no clue what that means)

Keys to the Cottage

~ came home from vacation.

~ did not unpack immediately like I usually do.

~ because I was in the car for 7+ hours on my birthday, coming home.

~ watched an alpaca be born right in front of my very own 4 eyes!!!

~ got some cool gift from the island from the children & the husband from said island for my birthday.

~ said goodbye to my niece, as she leaves for Harvard.

~ got a nook for my birthday from my parents & my husband!!

~ couldn't go to sleep playing with the nook, inspite of the fact that I got all of 7 hours sleep combined all weekend.

~ said good bye to my daughter & son in love as the left for their home 7 hours away.  Again.

~ already miss them terribly.

~ downloaded all the vacation pictures. ( will post some later)

~ caught up on 8 days worth of emails.  It is a beautiful thing not having internet access for 8 days. :)

~ almost got a tattoo.

~ was thankful to my Lord for all the good HE has done.

~ watched my mom & Elly play Hello Kitty Bingo.  Alot.  She played with her because everyone else is tired of playing it and needed a break for at least a day.

And the winner to our vacation giveaway is....

Jenn from The Life Accounts !!!!  If you want to see what she won, go over to Chloe's blog.  :)

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