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Thursday, August 26, 2010


Have you ever known that GOD is asking something of you, and you get all excited about it?  And It makes you so very very happy?  And you can't wait?

And then life happens and you think things through, and all of a sudden you become afraid?

And you realize maybe it is not a good idea? (as though it was your idea?)

And you come up with 1438 reasons why maybe you heard GOD wrong?

And you start the obedience, but you won't make yourself accountable, so maybe you can get out of it and no one will know your disobedience?

And you second guess yourself, even though HE keeps giving you confirmations?

Welcome to my world.

Soon, I will share.

Soon I will obey.


Lori said...

Oh girl, I totally hear your heart and understand what you're talkin' about. Hang in there and COMPLETELY lean on the Lord. Nothing He calls us to do requires anything less.

Email me if you need to chat!!

Love you!

Janet and Kevin said...

Tell us, tell us!! :)

Know what you are going through because when God calls you, He often makes it sure that you will fail unless you lean on Him!!

We keep going through the same feelings = back and forth, back and forth - in trusting in God's leading and alternating in being scared to death. Even though it appears we will be adopting again in the future, I just can't see it from a human standpoint. Guess I am not supposed to!! :)

Janet and gang

Beth Zimmerman said...

WOW! This totally speaks to my heart! Can't wait to hear where He is calling you!