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Tuesday, August 24, 2010


In no order, just thrown together to make a great week.

The son and the son in law going at it.  The son in law won every game that week.

The paddle game.

The family favorite.

The adult size rocking horse!

The father and son going on a suicide mission.

 The daughter who loves the beach.

The hole Josiah made.

The face that says " I want a lower score!!!"

My boys.  2 are 2 days apart!!

The view that didn't quit.  No matter where you are on the island.

The sunset on the beach.  Even if we were on the East Coast, we went to the west side of the island.

The Alpaca farm.  We were saw a birth with our own eyes!

The seat. 

The lighthouse.  One of many.

The smart one in the family.

No she can't read, but it was pretty convincing.

The raquets that were begged for..." MOM we would never miss with these things!!!"


Janet and Kevin said...

Looks like a wonderful vacation! Makes me want to jump right back in the car and head out on another vacation too!!

Thanks for your comment on Ted's job search. You never know when God is going to use you for other people. He definitely spoke through you yesterday.

Janet and gang

Debz said...

So glad you enjoyed your vacay! Now next time come to my Island to play ok!? I believe it was you who asked/commented on my blog one time wondering if it was small like Martha's. PEI is 147 highway miles long. With tons of beautiful beaches, lots to see and do. The population is about 140,402.00.

Love the pictures! Expecially the book reading one, she totally fooled me ;O).