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Friday, December 7, 2007

Christmas in NY part 1

We did go to NYC today, as planned.

It was a LONG but funny, delightful, nostalgic and interesting day. And it snowed.

Before we left, I took a picture of Samuel & Joe by the Christmas tree. Oh yeah, Joe came with us. (Notice the Mets ornament in the background.)

First thing we did after being in the car WAY too long, is we went to the Metropolitan museum. We have been studying Tapestry of Grace's Ancient Egypt, and we had to go see the mummies & the temple, and whatever other Ancient Egyptian thing there was. It was way cool seeing stuff & knowing what it meant. So, Samuel was so excited to see a real mummy with his own 2 eyes.

He couldn't believe that something was written in real letters!!! Not hieroglyphics. The reality sometimes hurt. We haven't gotten to the part of the end of the Egyptian dynasty and the beginning of the Roman. I read ahead though, so I know. :)

I will post more pictures of outside, but here are a few. I was trying to get the boys to stand in front of the ginormous Christmas balls, but they were in total tourist mode. They just kept staring at the height of the buildings. They have both been to NYC loads of times, but for some reason, this time they noticed that. lol.

John & I at the tree. It was a bit nippy. :Þ

The ride home. Funny thing. The whole family went, but Lance & Chloe sometimes went and did their own thing. Obviously, the boys were with us all the time. We often take Joe with us places, almost since they were both potty trained, and people have always looked at us and given us sweet smiles. I came to the conclusion that they think both boys are ours. And that they are twins. And we each "got one". One that has my coloring & one that has John's.

They sure act tlike twins.


Karen said...

It sounds like you had a great time. It was fun seeing pictures of the city.

Becky said...

I have seen that tree! On the TODAY Show. Wow! My world is so small.

"your boys" are adorable. And yes, brothers for sure. What a fun day!!!