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Wednesday, October 21, 2009


Today came the post card reminding me to get my tickets to the Nutcracker.

Chloe has been dancing since she was 4. She had wanted to start earlier, but the school did not accept children earlier then 4. To tell you the truth, she has been dancing before she knew what dancing was!

There was a photographer at a Christmas party, and when he heard she danced ballet, he asked, right there and then, for a quick photo shot.

When she graduated high school, she was ready to teach. The school only trains you in classical ballet, and when you have dance for so long with them, you are ready for anything.

When she started college, since she was a dance major she had to learn other types of dancing. We kind of felt bad that she hadn't trained in anything else, except for irish dancing, but there was no time! She was already dancing 15+ hours a week; she quickly learned.

There was this modern dance they performed that was quite *interestsing*. I don't rightly remember the name of the dance, but I lovingly call it Deranged Farmwives. lol. You had to see it to appreciate the title.

Anyway, back to the Nutcracker.

I don't think we will be going this year. I had the privilege of sitting through about a million rehearsals as well as shows for the past many years.

I don't think I can go through that one more time.

Unless our new peanut decides she wants to dance ballet, too.

Then we will make the trek, once again.


Becky said...

That is an amazing picture. Stunning.

And I love The Nutcracker, but of course, my boys were more into football.

Chloe Victoria said...

deranged housewives was harder than it looked! hmph.

and believe it or not, I don't remember the real name of it either, LOL.

Chloe Victoria said...

and Elena doesn't have a choice - she will take ballet, and she will love it because she will be like her big sister. the end.

(Just don't make her take Ms. Youskevitch. *shudders*)

Kathy C. said...

I love the Nutcracker, but I'm running out of people to go with, LOL. I took my son when he was a teenager, he rather enjoyed it, but had some comments...
I did the double date thing with best friend and our hubbies...none of them were brought up going watching off-broadway shows and ballets (as my Mom made sure we did), lol...the comments about the mens tights took a long time to subside...*sigh*...not sure who I'd take if I wanted to go again, lol.