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Thursday, April 30, 2009

Our family

Here are our family additions coming up this year.

My daughter "made" this picture of our other daughter.

It is now on our desktop, so we get to see her often. :) Of course its also hard to look at because we just wish she was in our arms already.

Her name is Elena.

Elena is my mom's name and Ellen is John's mom's name. The family jokes that when she is anywhere in a waiting room, and her hispanic first name and irish last name is called it may be a little shock when a chinese girl shows up. lol. I love it! We were also discussing how we want her to love her heritage, as well as grow up hispanic because her hispanic grandmother can't wait for her namesake, and love the irish culture that fills this home.

Here is our second addition.

Him, we can hug anytime already. :)

There are a mere 65 days before he joins our family officially. I was talking to a cashier the other day. She was a bit shocked I was old enough to have a daughter getting married. I told her her fiance is 2 days younger then our oldest son (23). Then she was shocked I was *letting* her get married at 20.

All I could say was that we are delighted in him. I am thankful for such a great future son in law and we will treasure him. No he is not perfect, but he is perfect for her. I know he loves her dearly, and his deepest desire is to bring her to the THRONE.

What more can we ask for??

GOD is so good to us. We prayed for all these children. For years and years and years.

And of course, Samuel is part of that faith. :)

Though he is only 10, we have prayed for his spouse for years already. Can't wait to meet her. Wait, I CAN wait, he is my baby boy, what I mean to say is, I already love her.

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Gena said...

I loved your post and seeing your beautiful family. I love all the different backgrounds that you have and cherish.

I am thrilled for you (and your children!) that you already love your children-in-laws to be. What a great woman of faith you are and how lucky those kids are to be marrying into your family!