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Friday, April 24, 2009

She is coming!!!

We got her!!

We now know what our baby girl looks like!!

And she is beautiful.

She turned 2 years old in January. We will be picking her up in November. So she will be almost 3. She is so precious and we can't believe it yet. Part of me just is in denial, and the other part of me is jumping out of my skin!!!

So...needless to say, I am starting private Chinese classes next week. Yes she will be frustrated just from all the changes, but then not to be able to communicate on top of it. No siree. If it kills me I will learn some Chinese.

She has cerebral palsy. Our pediatrician & a neurologist went through all her medicals. She knows us and thought it was a great match. Our child is only about 4 -5 months behind the norm.

We are thrilled.

In those few times when we get out of denial.

I really thought that it was our lot to do about 15 years worth of paper work, and then be told that we are too old to adopt. I may still feel like that until she is in our arms.

Thank you sweet Jesus for this precious child.


Becky said...

OH! She is just beautiful. Look at those brown eyes. I am SO excited for you. I bet you cannot even fathom having to wait until November. I mean ... THERE SHE IS ... don't you just want her RIGHT NOW. Precious. Just precious. I guess you can't tell us what her name is or will be yet. If you can be patient so can we.

HsKubes said...

How precious!
Rejoicing with you!! *Ü*

Gena said...

OH MY GOODNESS!!!! I got chills when I read this post. I am so happy for you and so grateful to God that you will be blessed with that beautiful little girl. My prayers will be with you constantly.

P.S. What an exciting life you lead! A wedding AND a new little girl, all in the same year!

Shannon said...

Oh, your Elena is gorgeous! She does sound perfect for your family-so thrilled for you all! Hoping travel to bring her home is faster than expected. Elena...beautiful! =)
P.S. My Elena's middle names include one that has a French spelling, then her Chinese name, then my very Irish surname. Perfect! =)