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Tuesday, April 28, 2009

Pollenation has begun

We are covered.

It is crazy here. Pollen on everything. Samuel & I were out this morning at 7:30, spraying off the cars, the front porch, the walkway.

We went out at 11am, and you would have never known we had cleaned everything off just 3 and half hours earlier!!

Everything is that minty-yellow-y green. I keep forgetting this. I mean, I remember it, and *prepare* for it, but then it shows up and I forget how bad it really is. I forget how much work it is, and how it gets stuck in your throat when you are cleaning up after it, how it feels grimey and if the dogs are outside laying in the sun for a little while they, too get covered, how you open your windows to let the wonderful Spring breeze in and you stark white curtians are no longer stark white in a matter of 1/2 hour, and how you look out the window and WATCH IT MOVE, gliding across life and laughing at you because there is nothing you can do about it.

Okay, maybe its not laughing, maybe I am just slightly bitter.

But thankfully it doesn't last too long. Long enough, but not too long.

And so, we are out again, going to try to get rid of the mess.

I shouldn't complain, though. Nothing hurt this morning when I woke up.

That alone is worth it. :)


Becky said...

That looks just like our house about 2 months ago. We start the pollen thing in Feb. Some years, we have had to turn our air conditioner on that early to keep from being miserable. Now, we found the right drugs and take them year 'round :)

I am glad you are enjoying the recipes for veggie eating. I'll do some more later this week. I have a good one for green and yellow squash.

I have always been a vegetable eater. I remember when I was a kid asking if I could skip the pork chop and just have more spinach. My mom always told me no. And that is why I never knew it was okay to just eat vegetables. I realized it about 5 years ago and it set me free.

I'd probably bring my own food to China. I am with your husband on that. A little scary.


I don't think we have pollenation like that here where I live. We have sprigs drop from the trees. But nothing like what I saw on your post or what you talked about. I think I am glad.lol Have a good day anyway. connie

Gena said...

Down here our pollen has already come and gone (like Becky's!). I am so glad. Just when the beautiful, window-opening weather appears, the ugly pollen comes with it. We always have tons and tons and it truly does get on and in everything. But remember - the flowers are next! Mine are just gorgeous right now.

Hope you have a wonderful, allergy-free weekend.