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Monday, April 20, 2009

Its a coming.....

This Sunday afternoon, John and I (and Samuel) took a walk through downtown. It was so beautiful outside, we couldn't stay indoors. And granted, all the stores were closed, we did some good old fashioned window shopping. Just enjoying the walk and each other.

And we got to talking about this coming January.

It will be our 25th anniversary on January 2010. Which is a mere 9 months away.

I have always wanted to go to Italy for our 25th.

After acquiring 2 children, one through marriage and one through adoption, there will just be no money left for Italy. Which is okay.

But I expressed to my beloved, I still want to do something special.

Like renew our vows.

I think it would be special, even if it is just before our children. ( Boys, I suppose, since Chloe will be in VA.) To recommit after all the good, the bad, the ugly and the beauty in our married life together. Ad there have been plenty of all of those.

Considering we were but 17 & 19 when the first vows were said, and I can truly say, we were morons at the time, these will be more meaningful. We now know what on earth we are recommitting to when we say those precious, powerful words.

Promises, really.

And we all know what our LORD says about keeping promises.

We'll see.

But in all that, I can honestly say, this marriage, this life, this hope, has survived & thrive, all on the shoulders of Jesus.

As it should.

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