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Friday, May 8, 2009

Smell them roses.

Its been a bit of mad dash to get school finished. Granted we won't be done until the middle of June, I want to make sure we are done. That is about 2 1/2 weeks before the wedding.

Samuel is busy reading in his most comfortable position. Notice how far away he holds his book. He gets that from his *old* mom. I can't stand wearing my reading glasses, so sometimes, being the wise guy that he is, he offers to hold the book across the table for me. Somehow, that is not as thoughtful as he is trying to make it seem. :p

Last night, the kids got themselves tickets to the Mets/Phillies game. Chloe made sure the 3 of them got to go together before she moves to VA and leaves Citifield 8+ hours behind.

Samuel made a sign. The "J" is backwards. He still does that after all these years and all that practice. And all the having to correct it everytime.. The J & the # 6. Always backwards. Huh.

There is this song that I believe is called, "They Paved Paradise and Put up a Parking Lot." In this case, they paved Shea Stadium and put up a parking lot. Sad, but true.

Since the children were out, John asked me the day before if I was up to going out on a date with him. WAS I UP TO IT?? Is he kidding?? Who would say no to that??

After my enthusiastic response, he asked me where I wanted to go. " Somewhere we have never been to before!" I was thinking Thai, Vietnamese, Portugese.

The look in his face was quite comical.

You see, he is a creature of habit.

So much so, he is predictable to a fault. His response to my suggestion was " How about a different table that we have never sat before at Friday's?"

So last night, we went to Friday's.lol. We did indeed sit at a table we have never sat at before.

But I was with my love, and who can complain?


Becky said...

That is pretty funny ... a different table at the same restaurant. I am with him though. I like to go somewhere that I can order what I KNOW I will enjoy.

Gena said...

I loved seeing your son read - my kids like to do their schoolwork in some pretty strange places (and positions!).

Yep, James wasn't very adventuresome when it came to eating out, either. I would always want to go someplace new, but we would always end up at Chili's. He even ordered the same thing - EVERY TIME WE ATE THERE FOR 16 YEARS. I always tried something different and he would end up eating whatever was left of mine. Men are funny creatures. I'm glad you got a date, though. That was always the best part. I didn't care where we went as long as we went together.