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Thursday, April 9, 2009

Good ole Talbots


We found my Mother-of-the-Bride dress. I was sooo not looking forward to this part of the details. I am not a shopper for me. I like basic stuff and thats about it. I don't do fancy, and neither does John. I wanted simple, but classy.

Chloe couldn't wait to look for a dress for me.

When we went the first time, I was so frustrated, but made sure no one knew it. I tried on dresses and was so not happy. I DID NOT want your typical MOB dress, all fancy and sparkle-y. All formal and important. Not me, really.

This week, Chloe had a little time off from work, and dragged me to Talbots. I mentioned I wanted to look there, instead of your typical MOB places.

I found my dress!! At Talbots! On sale!!

And Chloe is so very happy with it. Which is the important part.

Now here is the super special part. When it came time to pay, my daughter whipped out this wad of cash she evidently has been carrying around for weeks. She had it in her heart, and she saved up for this; she so wanted to pay for my dress. It made me want to cry. How very sweet of my precious child. Though I wanted to say " No, Honey, yous guys are moving to VA and setting up house, and need all the money you can get." I swallowed my pride and thank her dearly .

Now the dress is even more super special.

And...she loves it. :)


Becky said...

Oh, that is so beautiful. What a sweet daughter. I am so glad you found a dress that both of you loved. I cannot wait to see you in it. I guess we have to though. Wait ... I mean. It's only fair.

Enjoy this special time of planning. What a wonderful time of memories for you all. I'm all chokey and sloppy right now.

Gena said...

I am so happy for you. And what a sweet thing for Chloe to do. I would have been crying my eyes out.

I hope you had a wonderful Easter. I can't wait to see your dress!